All About Context

In 2010 I celebrated the first pay cheque of a new job by purchasing a game called Dragon Age: Origins. Luckily I bought it on the Saturday morning of a Bank Holiday weekend, as I went on to play it obsessively for 3 straight days.

In 2011 Dragon Age 2 was the reward for a successful job interview. Again I played for 3 straight days as my husband kindly went away for the weekend and left me to it.

I’ve since left that job too, but returned to Thedas again and again.

While replaying the games in anticipation of Dragon Age: Inquisition I decided to document my first experience of this latest adventure and share it online.


This time I will be fitting the gaming in around childcare, which means that I’ll be playing through the game at a slower pace. With more time to ponder my decisions, I’m hoping this first playthrough will be less disastrous than usual (more on that in future posts). Since any time not spent playing DAI will be spent obsessing about my game of DAI, and my writing endeavours will definitely take a hit as a result, I decided to give myself a way to do both and feel less guilty – the advantage being that I can blog one-handed from the WordPress app on my phone while feeding the baby. Ah, technology!

I could just keep this journal to myself, but one of the joys of playing Dragon Age has been the community around it, and the chance to hear how other player’s stories worked out, so I’m choosing to make it public.

In the run-up to November 21 I will be reminiscing about my Dragon Age playthroughs, and the in-game choices I’ve made, in order to provide some context for the DAI adventure to follow. I hope you’ll join me on my journey.