Classy Lady

My first Warden was almost the default – a human warrior, but a girl. That may go some way to explaining why my first playthrough went so badly: warrior does NOT play to my strengths; I really don’t like to be the centre of attention. Luckily I’m a completionist so I tried all of the classes over the course of several games.

I found that mage worked a little better for me as I could play at range, but I’m not subtle with the magic – no buffing and debuffing just straight up elemental force – so I often end up with a 2-mage party to make sure we actually survive. Repeat plays showed that my preference is for roguery; in addition to opportunities to be sneaky in combat, the rogue fits in well with my control-freakery – I want to open the chests and disarm the traps. I know I can switch to another party member, but it ties me into bringing another rogue along, giving me less options overall.

DAO, which allowed you to carry 2 weapon sets, was perfect for roguery as I could swap between archery and dual wield depending who was in my party; DA2 less so – it seemed pointless to go the archery route when I already had Varric and Sebastian.

Thinking ahead to DAI I imagine that I’ll begin with a rogue Inquisitor and I will certainly play a mage at some point too. With Cassandra, Blackwall and the Iron Bull there to take the heavy punches I suspect it will be a while before I roll warrior though.