The Keep Opens it’s Doors

The news that there would be no direct save import between the games, but the World State for DAI could be set in the Dragon Age Keep, encouraged a few new DAO and DA2 playthroughs to get some perspective on ‘What If’ stories I hadn’t yet tried. I also started a notebook capturing information on my new and existing save games, ready for inputting. Though I knew the devs had promised some context for the choices in order to jog the player’s memory (and presumably make the Keep usable to new players), I wanted to come to it with a clear picture of the different World States I cared about preserving for future games.

I was lucky enough to get onto the closed beta so have had a few weeks of playing around with the Keep before it opened today. It doesn’t cover every single choice in the previous games, but I’m fairly sure they’ve said it comes in at about 300, which is pretty comprehensive. Personally I felt that every choice I cared about was catered for, and I’ve appreciated that the devs are obviously taking feedback onboard, as I’ve noticed subtle tweaks to certain choices during my time using the Keep.

What I love the most is that I can use the Keep from my phone. In fact, every single world state I have saved in the Keep was created on my phone. It sounds lazy, but it’s meant I’ve been able to mess around with my choices while feeding the baby, or between cooking tasks, rather than have to find a decent chunk of time to sit in front of my laptop. It’s also comforting to know that, when DAI arrives in a few weeks, I only have to do a quick check on my phone to make sure I’m happy with the save lined up for import, and then I’m good to go.

If you’re curious about the Wardens and Hawkes I’ve been using to create World States in the Keep please take a look at my Heroes page, which has character pics and brief bios for my favourite playthroughs.