Some Guidance Required

I’ve mentioned that after my disastrous first playthrough of DAO I went online and found a walkthrough – and boy am I glad that there are people who patiently find and document all the possible quests and interactions.

Quick as these magical elves are when new games are released, it can often be weeks or even months before a truly comprehensive walkthrough emerges. So when first playing DA2, I took the decision to invest in the Collector’s Edition strategy guide.

There are some issues with strategy guides, in that the writers are trying to find the line between spoiling the entire game, and actual offering useful information, and sometimes there are errors (understandable given how far in advance the guide has to be prepared in order to be released with the game) where things have changed. Many people will argue that it’s therefore not worth the money – especially since there will inevitably be a walkthrough available. That said I have found the strategy guide invaluable – it has maps, item lists, and info on enemy weaknesses that I still consult if replaying the game. Beyond that, it’s a beautiful book, full of lovely artwork.

This time I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition strategy guide at the same time as pre-ordering DAI. It releases a few days later, thus ensuring me the epically awful first playthrough I’ve been promising threatening, but will definitely be helpful in future, as well as a hopefully gorgeous addition to my collection.