The Last Court: The Scholar – Day 2

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: The Last Court. Check out the BioWare Forum for FAQs and the tutorial.

Day 2 began badly. I took on a chancy mission to deal with bandits, and hopefully reduce my peril, and got injured in the process – my health dropped to 0. Since my Freedom, Prosperity and Dignity were already low I opted to rise from my bed early. The only thing I gained in all this was a little Derring-do. At least that should come in handy for future hunting trips.

Screenshot from The Last Court.

After that things started looking up. I drew a Well-Read Pig-Farmer card and was able to recruit her as my Accomplice. I hadn’t spotted that her bonus was also scholarship, which is now sitting pretty at 90.

I took the risky approach of holding a tourney, given my health situation, in order to earn royals that would allow me to raise my health through the Gather Resources card. Success! Then I realised that I had never used my provisions during my Day 1 hunt, so I raised my clues by chatting with the Acerbic Dowager, and set off.

Screen Shot from The Last Court.I should have been hunting Viands for the Divine’s visit. Instead I decided to hunt a Boar as I needed a Trophy to trade to the Silent Huntsman for Favour, so I could then hire him as my Bodyguard. I chose the extra hours benefit this time, which was just as well as the Boar managed to escape with a wound and I had to keep going. Not only did I get my Trophy but the Provisions card came up as well and I was able to restore 20 health.

The Silent Huntsman card came up a couple of times in quick succession soon after, so I was able to make him my bodyguard, increasing Derring-do; it turns out he does talk sometimes. For some reason I had ended up with two Favours from the Smiling Guildmistress and invited her to become my Counsellor, forgetting I had wanted the Kindly Knight. I clearly have a blind spot when it comes to Counsellors. The Guildmistress gives me added rulership though so I think I’ll keep her.

More worryingly there was no Market Day card. Was this Day 2 or still Day 1? Should I start over or see if it worked on Monday? Should I buy Dawn and force the card to see if that would then trigger it the next day? Should I just RP this as Orlesian Groundhog Day and stay on Day 1 forever?

I reported the problem through the feedback button in the Keep (along with the fact that it keeps kicking me out with the message that my session has expired, which I’m pretty sure is a known bug) and mentioned it in a tweet to the Keep guys, so will make a decision today depending on whether the card triggers or if I get any response.

If I do have to start over I think I’ll move on to the Huntress rather than repeat myself.