The Last Court: The Scholar – Day 3

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: The Last Court. Check out the BioWare Forum for FAQs and the tutorial.
I opened up the game with some trepidation; would I still be stuck on Day 1/2? But no, a card had flagged up Market Day and we were off to a good start.

I chose ‘Flames of Freedom’ as my rare card and was thrust into dealing with the Elusive Iconoclast who was stirring up sedition in Serault (try saying that three times really fast). The Abbess was being cagey about her, she persuaded the Kindly Knight to turn his lands into a freehold (definitely not letting that traitor become my Counsellor now), and was eventually captured by the Baron. Screenshot from The Last Court.Though I had the evidence to lock her away in the abbey for a good long time, I also had the skills to make the problem go away and tarnish her reputation. Poison in the wine it was.

Next, I rode out on a hunt – time to pick up Viands for the Divine’s visit. I took the hounds, and then went it alone at the very end. This time my shot got the hind first time and I rode home triumphant and unharmed. If only dealing with Serault’s rebels were this easy!

Most of the day’s play was spent trying to reduce my Rumours of Revolution, which was up in the 80s. I was also a little concerned about my health which hovered around the 30 mark all day.

After a break to let my actions replenish I went on a second hunt. The Provisions card didn’t come up, so no health boost, but I secured Viands for the second time, putting me closer to my target ahead of the Divine’s visit.

My final task of the day was to work on my Cunning with the Smiling Guildmistress and the Dashing Outlaw. I really want to take a look in the Sealed Chantry but my Cunning needs to be a bit higher for that.

Overall Day 3 went well. I feel like I’m getting somewhere toward my goals, and and improving at keeping Serault together – key indicator being that only Twilight and Peril dropped to 0 (I assume that’s a good thing), although they didn’t stay there. My only real frustration was that the expired session bug hit me a good few times. Hopefully they’ll have a fix for that soon.