The Last Court: The Scholar – Day 4

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: The Last Court. Check out the BioWare Forum for FAQs and the tutorial.

Day 4 started with me dithering over my Market Day cards – they were all so enticing. In the end I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a Sinister Discovery. Screenshot from The Last Court.Peasants had discovered a sinister-looking claw, and I chose to mount it in my hall in the hopes of impressing the Divine.

Since this card didn’t launch any stories, I decided to go hunting and get the 3rd Viands I needed for the Divine’s visit. Thankfully the Provisions card was the first thing to come up. Couple that with not injuring myself on a hunt for the first time ever and it was going quite well. I decided to venture into the Deepwoods this time too, though neither Peril nor Reward seemed much affected. Ah, well.

Having secured my final Viand I discovered that this was only the end of Initial Preparations. I would actually need to secure a combination of 15 Secrets/Trophies/Viands for at least a good ending; more to see better endings. Suddenly I was wishing I’d done more hunting over the past few days.

With that in mind I set out on another hunt, this time aiming for a Trophy. The Deepwoods paid off as a location, as I twice got to tarry in a glade and restore my health (I promptly lost 20 of it again on an ill-fated tourney when I got back, but it was still higher than it’d been for a while). The boar got away the first time, but I got him in the end.

My third and final hunt of the day did not go entirely to plan, as I didn’t get a Provisions card, or any welcoming glades, and got injured too. I did come away with another Trophy though.

The Ghost of the Glassworks card, which I hadn’t seen for a while, popped up again. Screenshot from The Last Court.This time they’d caught the ghost, and it was Morrigan. When I’d said that decision might haunt me I hadn’t realised it would be literally! The Smiling Guildmistress thought she might have been making glass for mirrors. Intriguing. I have to admit that it was very satisfying to keep her staff as a Trophy.

An attempt to deal with bandits turned into another loss of health – I ended the day on 17. However in a final flurry of cards before bed I managed to reduce Peril and Rumours of Revolution, and get Prosperity back up to 100, by calling in some favours from the Cheery Baron and the Dashing Outlaw.

I’m starting to get more and more intrigued as to why the Divine would be visiting Serault if it’s on the eastern edge of Orlais. When exactly is The Last Court set? Assuming the Divine will be at the conclave that starts off Inquisition shouldn’t she be heading for Ferelden? If I recall correctly, the Keep team said that a choice from the Last Court would be saved in the Keep but not affect Inquisition, so I’m not counting on visiting Serault outside of The Last Court anytime soon.

The revelation that Morrigan might have been making mirrors, given Witch Hunt and The Masked Empire, also raises questions: is she making Eluvians for the Empress or does she have her own plans? How does Vivienne feel about Celene having an apostate as an Occult Advisor? And will I get answers in Inquisition? I hope so!