The Last Court: The Scholar – Day 5

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: The Last Court. Check out the BioWare Forum for FAQs and the tutorial.

As the Good Neighbours card turned up for the third day running I felt I had to pick it this time, even though it meant passing on A Terror in the Woods. Screenshot from The Last Court.His Dour Lordship of neighbouring Alyons had arrived for the Feast with the Divine, bringing 3 Viands with him. Good neighbour indeed, as my combined Secrets/Trophies/Viands haul was now up at 14.

I decided to spend my remaining bag of royals on some health restoration before setting out on a hunt. The Provisions card still didn’t come up, but I did get to tarry in another glade so my health is up to a respectable 57 (weary). I also got another Trophy.

For the first time, when drawing cards I ended up with 2 that I could discard. I wasn’t sure whether this was an update to the game or because I’d reached a point where I was eligible for these quests cards. Not that it mattered, since I clicked both of them anyway (impulsive, remember?). Now the Acerbic Dowager was being poisoned and the glass workers had revolted, so I would need to hunt a Wyvern and find a ringleader.

I decided to start with the uprising, and went looking for enough clues to question the glass workers. A discardable card about the Dashing Outlaw popped up. Perhaps I would leave it for the moment. Unfortunately in my eagerness to get the glass workers talking I didn’t notice that unlocking that option had moved the order they were in – I clicked on Pardon the Glassworkers by mistake, losing both in-game and real life dignity in the process. It seems I still got a description of the ringleader though so all was not lost.

More clues allowed me to begin investigating the Acerbic Dowagers poisoner. The descriptions matched with the description of the ringleader in the glass workers revolt – clearly a conspiracy. She’d been telling people she worked for the Elusive Iconoclast too.

I decided I should probably go and hunt the Wyvern before the old dear dropped dead, so I set out on a hunt. It seemed the techniques learnt at Chateau Haine, would be useless to me, but I could at least take the hounds. Screenshot from The Last Court.It was going quite well until I ran out of actions, leaving me anxiously clock-watching. 20 minutes is a long time! A successful Wyvern hunt gained me 3 Trophies, an antidote, and no injuries. With the Acerbic Dowager cured we could focus on tracking down her poisoner.

I began to consider gaining a few favours from His Dour Lordship to make him my Counsellor, as I would get boosts to both Rulership and Cunning. But what would the Smiling Guildmistress say?

I slowly built up clues and tracked the Acerbic Dowager’s poisoner. At last I had the red-haired woman and discovered the name of her employer – His Dour Lordship! Accidentally making the Smiling Guildmistress my Counsellor was looking better and better since my instincts on who should be counselling me are clearly wrong. I pondered how to deal with His Dour Lordship while I waited for my actions to refresh. I was tempted to inprison him, but eventually settled on banishment. The loot didn’t quite make up for the betrayal. Screenshot from The Last Court.At least I had answered the riddle of the discardable cards – they were linked to my rare card choice and the Dashing Outlaw card disappeared as soon as the culprit was found.

Screenshot of The Last Court.I decided to earn a favour from the Elegant Abbess which I used to restore my Health to 100 with the Seek Solace option, and picked up a favour from the Purveyor of Teas as well, though this did raise my Peril and Rumours of Revolution. I spent the rest of my actions stocking up on clues and working on getting my Freedom, Dignity and Prosperity in the 60-80 range. I ended the day with 10 Secrets, 6 Viands and 6 Trophies so feeling pretty good about the Divine’s visit at the moment.