The Last Court: The Scholar – Day 6

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: The Last Court. Check out the BioWare Forum for FAQs and the tutorial.

My rare card for Day 6 was You Dream of the Shame. Screenshot from the Last Court.It seemed a fitting choice given my dream/vision of him after poisoning the Elusive Iconoclast. The dream was cryptic; we stood on the Tower of Lights and it seemed there were other towers flashing signals at us [it made me think of the semaphore towers in the Discworld]. I chose to tell him he was just a man, as fallible as anyone else, and he in turn was horrified to be thought of as ordinary. There was no story attached to the card, but it gave me a lot to ponder: if Serault is known for its glass, which is used for mirrors, which attracted Morrigan’s attention, was the Shame trying to wake the Eluvians, or perhaps create his own? One of the other options was to call him an abomination, and that reminded me of Merill making demon deals to try and get her Eluvian to work. Or perhaps I’m just a conspiracy theorist running amok.

I decided to use my glut of clues to go hunting for more Viands. Since my health was high I looked for herbs in the glade and was rewarded with elfroot. Apparently that will be useful if my health takes another nose-dive to 0. Which it may as I promptly lost 20 of it in a Tourney when I returned from the Hunt. I really must stop showing off my non-existent prowess.

I worked on my Cunning with the Dashing Outlaw but the Sealed Chantry was still eluding my attempts to break in. Screenshot from The Last Court.I began to consider the slightly more impulsive, and destructive, route of bashing the door in, as my Rulership is quite high and that option was listing as straightforward. It was also close enough to the Divine’s visit now that the option to wait and see if she would order it to be opened seemed promising.

After a pause for my actions to refresh I tried the Sealed Chantry again – success! Despite repeated opportunities to sell the Regalia (which was tempting because, although Serault is relatively prosperous, I rarely have Royals to spare) I pressed on to discover what lay beyond the secret passage.

It turned out the Shame had a secret daughter who was a mage and still living in the forest. I didn’t have quite enough clues to get answers for all my questions, so had to return to the Chateau to earn more and wait for my actions to refresh. Unfortunately real life prevented any more play, and the secrets of the Anchoress, and the decision over what to do with her, would have to wait.

After my first few days of frantically checking back to see if I’d accrued actions, I’ve moved into playing in short bursts – using all my actions, then logging out for long enough to accrue enough actions for a hunt, or to pursue a story. I think it’s a more satisfying way to play the game, and leads me to play more strategically. There are still moments in the longer stories, like Day 5’s Wyvern hunt, that catch you out and add some genuine tension. 20 minutes feels like a lifetime when you’re waiting to take down your prey or see a conspirator revealed. On the whole though, the refresh rate for actions seems about right.