The Last Court: The Scholar – Day 7

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: The Last Court. Check out the BioWare Forum for FAQs and the tutorial.

Day 7 was supposed to be the last day, however the glitch with Market Day right at the start appears to have gifted me a bonus day. Screenshot from The Last Court.

A Terror from the Woods popped up again, which was very pleasing as I had to ignore it a few days ago. The resulting task had me dancing for joy.

Naturally I set out on my Bereskarn Hunt right away. I headed for the Deep Woods, so although the Provisions card didn’t come up (again!) I did find a glade to tarry in and get my health back up to 100. That turned out to be a good move as even with pacing myself and sending in the beaters I came away from the hunt with only 27 health. But more importantly, Serault was safe and I had 3 more Trophies.

Next on the list was to deal with the Anchoress. I handed over my last Royal for some healing and asked my remaining questions. Then, somewhat callously, I imprisoned her to hand over to the Divine as a show of penitence. None of her answers gave any hints of what the Shame might have been working on in the Tower, but there was some nice backstory on how he had abandoned her as a baby and then come looking for her in the woods after her mother died. It seems callousness is a family trait.

The rest of my day in Serault was fairly dull, so I decided to shake things up and make the Purveyor of Teas my Accomplice. Screenshot from The Last Court.After all my Dignity had been hovering around 100 all day and he had a much grander title than the Well-Read Pig Farmer. Unlike the Seneschal she didn’t make a fuss about being replaced (to be fair no one was supposed to know she was my Accomplice). Curiously her picture was still under Accomplice in the list, right next to the Purveyor of Teas, but her Scholarship bonus had gone. On the bright side I now have a boost to Cunning instead.

Since I still had some actions left and I’d used one of my Trophies for a Favour from the Silent Huntsman (my Rumours of Revolution was creeping up and I’m expecting the Divine), I decided to go and hunt another boar. I’m still carrying Provisions around and the blasted card still hasn’t come up, but I went to the Deepwoods so got to tarry in a glade and pick some elfroot in another. It turned out to be a fairly routine hunt all told.

I’m hoping for big revelations on my Bonus Day. Not sure if I’ll get a rare card and the storyline for the Divine, or just the latter. I’m hoping there will be some answers about Eluvians, and I look forward to seeing what happens with the Anchoress. Most importantly, will I get a chance to warn the Divine not to travel to Haven for a Conclave with Templars and Mages? That last one seems doubtful.