The Last Court: The Scholar – Bonus Day

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: The Last Court. Check out the BioWare Forum for FAQs and the tutorial.

This was it – the day of reckoning. The Divine would be visiting and Serault’s future hung in the balance. Screenshot from The Last Court.

But first a Market Day card. I picked A Petition from a Village Headsman, which lined up a promising story for me. Regrettably I was not able to pursue it, as the Divine had arrived. Lesson learned for my next playthrough: save cards that don’t launch stories (like A Sinister Discovery) for your final day.

First I feasted the Divine. Since I have a fondness for the Tudors I opted for the elaborate ‘live birds in the pie-dish’ course, and the Divine was suitably impressed. Next I was able to surreptitiously present her with a list of her enemies foibles and weaknesses. Then came the moment of truth – one of the Templars had discovered that I’d broken into the Sealed Chantry. Screenshot from The Last Court.Relieved that the Regalia was still there at least, I presented my prisoner to the Divine. I was forgiven for breaking in, as I had been pursuing a dangerous apostate, and the Anchoress was taken off to be made Tranquil. The Divine announced that the Chantry would be re-consecrated in response to Serault’s kindness to her on her visit.

Screenshot from The Last Court.With that matter resolved I displayed my hunting trophies in an elaborate charade of a Wyvern attack, to the delight of my guests, and engaged in some polite conversation with the Divine. She responded by returning the Stag Mask of Serault to me in recognition that the Marquisate’s shame had been expunged. One final task remained – to secure Serault’s prosperity and greatness.

First I had the Smiling Guildmistress present her with a gift from the glassworkers; then a Starving Child was admitted to highlight the plight of Serault’s poor; finally the Dashing Outlaw was admitted to confess her sins and ask to be shriven. At last there came the moment I had been waiting for – the Divine asked if the glassworkers of Serault could make new stained glass windows for the Grand Cathedral. Drunk on triumph, I released finest of our glassworkers to her service.

And just like that, the feast, and the game, was over. The Divine had to press on to her meeting in Ferelden, and no, there was no opportunity to warn her.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in Serault. The game is intricate and rich in Dragon Age lore, and is definitely making the wait til DAI bearable. I will, of course, be playing again as The Huntress (still a week til DAI for us Europeans after all), because I want to see some of the stories I missed. I’ll probably write a couple of posts on that playthrough, but spare you the daily updates. Screenshot from The Last Court.