The Last Court: The Huntress – Update

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: The Last Court. Check out the BioWare Forum for FAQs and the tutorial.

No, I haven’t forgotten my Huntress in all this DAI excitement.

I had forgotten what the Flames of Freedom card was though, so ended up running the whole Elusive Iconoclast story again. This time I sent her into seclusion at the Abbey.

Luckily the Forest Lord was still around and causing problems at every turn.
First I had to negotiate with him to build a road through his lands. Screenshot from The Last Court.Then he stole the Wayward Bard. I hadn’t actually finished seducing him so, of course, went on a hunt and lost a lot of health to get him back. Clearly he was impressed as he became my Lover shortly after. All he could say about his kidnapping was that the Forest Lord had wanted a poem about the Shame.

For my next Market Day I picked ‘Behemoth’ instead of the Hooded Courier. I was hoping for something epic as I know Behemoth is an enemy name in DAI. Screenshot from The Last Court.Instead, and contrary to everything I believe in real life, I ended up burning books. After all, Serault was already oppressed and imperilled, it didn’t need a manual on how to become a hotbed of sedition too.

Screenshot from The Last Court.The Undaunted Chevalier wasn’t much better, but mostly because I lost to him. To cheer myself up I accepted an invitation to feast with the Forest Lord. I learned that the Shame had summoned and bound him (shades of Zathrian and Witherfang, anyone?), and from his reaction to the gift of a mirror, I’m more and more convinced that the Shame was messing with Eluvians. I also somehow agreed that the Forest Lord should come to the Feast of the Divine. Just what was in that ‘water’?

On the topic of mirrors, Morrigan announced that she had completed her task. I was offered a gift for my help, and immediately asked to see the covered object she was taking with her. I knew it would be an Eluvian, but it’s always good to check. Morrigan wouldn’t tell me why Celene wants it, but I’ve read Masked Empire and can draw my own conclusions.

I have a couple of days left with the Huntress, which I suspect will mostly be spent hunting since I’m behind on preparing for the feast. I will somehow tear myself away from DAI for a final update on the endgame. Kind of looking forward to the Divine’s reaction to the Forest Lord.