The Journey Begins

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.

I had a lovely post scheduled in which I talked about how I’d been preparing for DAI and the things I was most looking forward to. I then proceeded to ruin all that planning by getting EA Access so that I could play a 6 hour trial of DAI. I blame giddiness over being about 3000 words short of winning NaNoWriMo and the excitement of the DAI marathon streaming on Twitch.

World State

Since I want to wait til I’ve done at least one playthrough before I start on my canon I opted for a custom World State called ‘Anti-Canon’ (Alexander Cousland and Elayne Hawke on my Heroes page).


I always play rogue first but, again, I wanted to save human for my canon playthrough, so I’m rolling a Dalish Archer named Dalya Lavellan. An upside to only having 6 hours play time before Friday is that I skipped through CharGen pretty quickly. I wanted Dalya to look like she’d spent her life living in the forest so went with freckles and a skintone that made her look like she spent most of her time outdoors, and a practical, short, spiky haircut. I think she looks cute and if I can get a good photo I’ll edit it into the post later (alas – my love of consoles means no screenshots).

The Prologue

I actually watched the live stream of the prologue last week, so knew what to expect. The upside to being in control is that I got to hit all the investigate options. Dalya is nosy it seems. Although her initial interactions with Cass were wary, I decided Dalya wasn’t going the typical ‘Dalish hate humans and are arrogant loners’ route that seems to pop up a lot – partly because I’ve been there and done that in DAO – so wary, but helpful, Dalish elf it is.

After meeting Varric and Solas I got a taste of the way the Inquisitor can take part in party banter. I caught the interaction but I think I may have to take things at a slower pace to avoid missing those moments. This one gave a little background to Solas and his opinions on the Dalish so I assume was specific to this race choice.

Since Dalya’s a rogue and rogues are sneaky we went through the mountain tunnels to get to the temple. Also because I’m nostalgic and they’re basically the tunnels from DAO. But this time with added climbing! It appears Dalya is comfortable climbing up things, but at a loss as to how to get back down without faceplanting. And that, friends, is the story of how I used my first healing potion in DAI. I did at least remember to use tac cam to scout round corners in the tunnels.

There was then a short fight to save some soldiers near a fade rift. Cass made a big deal of how Dalya had saved them and she was all “It was nothing,” and then proceeded to loot the dead. Priorities!

I approached the big showdown in the Temple much as I feel I would handle it in real life: Dalya ran around being mostly useless, and occasionally remembered to run in and disrupt the rift, until the Pride Demon was down. I fear I’m going to be earning Cass’ disapproval regularly.

We then moved on to the founding of the Inquisition. Dalya left her cabin to be greeted by cheering soldiers, and promptly executed her second pratfall of the game by falling off the side of the steps. She sheepishly threaded her way through the cheering people to get back on the path to the Chantry while they all pretended not to notice. Clearly the Herald of Andraste can do no wrong.

On that topic, Dalya’s stance is going to be very much ‘deflect, don’t confirm either way’. She worships the Elven Gods so she’s not worried about blasphemy if using the title serves the Inquisition’s ends, but she’s not exactly eager to embrace the title either.

That probably accounts for the first hour or so of play. I’ll put up another post tomorrow with my first impressions of Haven and the Hinterlands – got to keep myself occupied somehow while waiting for Friday!