The Deflecting Druffalo Coat

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (Rogue)

Hours Played:



The Hinterlands (with 1 brief visit to Haven)

Mission Report:

Firstly, kudos to EA because they counted the 6 hours from when the gameplay started (which means I could have spent longer in CharGen!), so I actually had about 2 hours still to play yesterday.

I popped back to Haven to craft my first coat – mainly out of Druffalo hide, hence the alliterative name – and I’m already pondering the merits of Druffalo vs. Nug, and what Fennec fur might bring to the party; I anticipate a crafting addiction. I also wanted a quick chat with Varric. I decided I wasn’t ready to ask about Hawke so had Dalya quiz him on Red Lyrium instead. This turned out to be fortuitous as I now have a quest to find Red Lyrium. Also, how cool is it that companion quests are filed under ‘The Inner Circle’ in the Journal?

There were also conversations with Josie (apparently Dalya being Dalish is causing wild tales to spread about the Dalish capturing children to use in blood magic), and more interestingly, with Mother Giselle. Her point about the original Inquisition laying down their weapons when their work was done may have led me to wild speculations about possible end game states, which I don’t think I’ll share at only 6 hours in.

Back in the Hinterlands Dalya finally made her way to Redcliffe Farms, meaning she has a mount. The rest of the Inquisition will have to wait til the neighbourhood around the farms has been cleaned up to get their horses. I’m not a horse person at all, and at this early stage I want Dalya to be running around finding things and listening to banter, but I did use it in lieu of fast travel a couple of times so maybe it will come into its own.

Beyond that we pootled about near the farm, set up a camp, found an Astrarium, collected some more shards, closed a couple of fade rifts, ran away from people I didn’t think we could take, and shot enough rams to feed the folk back at the Crossroads. Solas ‘slightly approved’ of the latter; clearly helping people out is a big deal to him. Cass, on the other hand, has yet to show any approval; she kind of scares me.

The Inquisition power was up to 11 by the time I finished, mostly because I didn’t want to start anything major so close to the end of my trial. I’m thinking getting the watch towers built (since I scouted all the locations) is something I want to do relatively early. I also have a perk to spend – hoping I can use it for whatever lets me pick locks.

Today I’ll be playing as much as humanly possible (always allowing for the Tiny Tyrant and her demands), and I’m hoping as I move into some of the bigger quests I might start to meet the other companions. Although, I love my current team so much the rest will have to work hard to get a spot in the party!