The Last Court: The Huntress – Finale

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: The Last Court. Check out the BioWare Forum for FAQs and the tutorial.

Screenshot from The Last Court.My final rare cards weren’t that exciting – a return visit from the Undaunted Chevalier (only this time I daunted him), and a refugee from a neighbouring Lord’s poor sense of humour, who was granted my protection because I needed a Freedom boost.

I had a severely oppressed and imperilled peasantry to deal with so I naturally spent most of my final hours and actions hunting, and cursing my laxity about it earlier in the week. The Divine really has the worst timing!

The whole visit was a bit disastrous. We lacked the Viands and Trophies to really impress, and the Divine disapproved of the Forest Lord and his gift (even though I’d taken care to check its suitability). I had left the Sealed Chantry well alone to see what difference it made and the answer was none – it was only referred to when I asked for the Chantry to be reconsecrated. At least she agreed to that.

Sensing I wasn’t going to get much out of the Divine, I took the populist step of smashing my newly-returned mask to the floor to gain some Freedom; we were all in it together – the only difference being that I would keep living in my big castle. That done, the Divine was on her way.

It’s tempting to conclude that brains won out over brawn as Jeremias definitely got the better ending, but we can’t rule out the fortuitous glitch that gifted me a bonus day of actions in determining that result. I will leave Serault be for now, as I have the whole world of Inquisition to explore, but I think I will play again as there are still cards I never got to see. Until then I’ll content myself with knowing that Josie has ambassadors at the Marquis’ court.