Thedas Is My Mollusc

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Val Royaux, Haven, Hinterlands, Storm Coast

Mission Report:

I couldn’t resist that title. Now that I have the full game I’m torn between running around madly to DO ALL THE THINGS and stopping to look at waterfalls and plants because ‘ooh, pretty!’

Yesterday was all about the Inner Circle. I now have only Dorian and Cole left to find. My favourite recruitments were Vivienne, because she practically filleted that poor Marquis, and Blackwall, simply because I had no idea what to expect, and he’s pretty much what they had in mind when they founded the Grey Wardens. The Iron Bull would have had more impact of I hadn’t spoiled that one for myself. That’s not to say I disliked Sera – hard to dislike someone whose first suggestion is that the Inquisition needs bees!

The important thing to remember when you recruit the companions is that they have no abilities at all. They will have points in line with whatever level you’re at, but you need to go in and select their abilities yourself. This is fantastic as it means that you can choose how you want to spec them, but you need to remember to do it and not, say, take Vivienne to deal with a fade rift with only basic attacks at her disposal (*awkward cough* I’m not saying I did that…).

I’m having a hard time accepting the reality that I can’t finish the Hinterlands and then move on to other locations. This was particularly brought home by the one time I died so far – Dalya fell off a waterfall and into a fade rift full of L12 demons (Solas, tell me I’m graceful.) I realised some parts of the Hinterlands really would have to wait. I’m also considering starting a ‘pratfall count’; in addition to my epic death scene I managed to make Dalya fall off pretty much every bridge we attempted, and at least one cliff. And that was just in the Hinterlands.

In Val Royaux I discovered that the new Lord Seeker is as big an idiot as the old Lord Seeker, and I met Grand Enchanter Fiona; who I trust about as far as I could throw the Iron Bull. I now have to make a decision on which of them (Mages or Templars) to go to for help with the Breach, which seems really early given I was only about 7-8 hours in at that point. Thankfully there was a ‘somebody should make a decision’ dialogue choice, which allowed Dalya to prevaricate.

Back in the Hinterlands Solas wanted to explore a fade artefact which he had sensed. We arrived at the location in time to help a fellow Dalish fight off some demons; it turned out she knew about the artefact too. It wasn’t until after we’d agreed to the team-up, and Dalya asked about her clan, that I realised who I was dealing with – Mihris. I spent the rest of the encounter waiting for the other shoe to drop, but she didn’t turn on us, and even turned over the amulet at Solas’ prompting. It later occurred to me that that interaction would have gone a lot worse if Dalya weren’t Dalish – even Solas got referred to as ‘flat-ear’.

On the Storm Coast I did bits of various quests, while skilfully avoiding the Giant and the Dragon. I did take on a host of dragonlings on my way to an Astrarium though. I finished my time there by establishing my second camp, with a view to coming back and finishing the search for the Wardens today. I’m toying with taking Blackwall’s suggested approach with the bandits, but I need to find some deepstalker hide, and I’m trying to gather up the nerve to go into one of the caves in search of it – there be giant spiders in them there caves!

The Storm Coast did throw up 2 of my favourite banters so far: Vivienne explaining in very precise terms that Bull was not to refer to her as ‘Viv’, and Bull commenting on how all that alone time had really improved Blackwall’s grip. I look forward to the conversational carnage when I add Sera to the mix.

Back in Haven I worked up the nerve to have Dalya ask Varric about Hawke and her friends. I won’t spoil all the answers, but the one I loved the most was hearing that Fenris was tracking down Tevinter slavers to stop them preying on refugees; I just felt so proud of him (*wipes away single tear*).

I was still conflicted on the Mage-Templar thing and though I have other things Dalya can get on with (including rescuing some Inquisition soldiers from the Fallow Mire), it’s getting to crunch time. I had her sound out a few of the Inner Circle but it’s obvious either decision will piss certain people off. I then realised Dalya hadn’t welcomed the Iron Bull to Haven yet, which prompted a serendipitous conversation given my state of mind. Bull referenced the fact that there’s no Inquisitor yet, and talked about how the Qunari choose people willing to make the tough choices, and live with the consequences, as their leaders. I doubt this decision will make Dalya the Inquisitor just yet, but his comment did work as a kick in the butt to get on with it.

So, today’s tasks: rescue soldiers, pick a side, and try not to fall off things so much.