You May Refer To Me As ‘Inquisitor’

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Haven, Storm Coast, Hinterlands

Mission Report:

The day started with my plucking up the nerve to go into one of the spider caves at the Storm Coast. All I can say is: to the Dev who thought “You know what’s even better than making them fight Giant Spiders? Making them fight Giant Spiders in the dark!” – you suck! Yes, I’m aware there are lights; too few of them, and generally behind the spiders that are swarming me!

Anyway. I made the amulet, but we haven’t dealt with the bandits yet because I got distracted finding Grey Warden camps, and playing with Astrariums (so much fun!). Dalya then fell down a cliff trying to find the cave the Astrariums opened up, so had to limp over to the final Storm Coast campsite location to establish a camp and get healed up.

The plan was then to move on to Redcliffe and recruit the Mages. I’d decided that Dalya, being Dalish, was going to be in the ‘Mages should be free’ camp, despite the expected loss of approval from Vivienne, Iron Bull and Cass. Back we went to the Hinterlands, where we set out determinedly in the direction of the quest marker… only to retrace our route bringing the slowest Druffalo in the world home to its owner. This is why ‘just seeing what’s round that corner’ is bad, people.

Many dead Templars and Apostates later we finally reached Redcliffe, where I encountered my first bug – I’m sorry, Connor; who is this King Alistair you speak of? To be honest that turned out to be a highlight. Fiona had apparently not been to Val Royaux (or had she?), the Mages had allied themselves with Tevinter, and a Magister’s son was passing me notes about a secret rendezvous.

Enter Dorian! And boy can that man make an entrance! Alexius was part of a cult and planning to kill me, he was creating rifts that distorted time, he was serving someone called the Elder One… it was all very dramatic. Back in Haven Dalya gave the go ahead to infiltrate Redcliffe Castle, and then went to Redcliffe to act all baity with Dorian, Cass and Varric for back-up.

Dalya and Dorian wound up getting sucked into the future for the most disturbing ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ riff I’ve ever seen. They raced around the castle, saved future-Varric, future-Cass and future-Leliana, and eventually took out Alexius to get the amulet and send themselves back into the past. Dorian said later he hoped that the Inquisition would show Alexius mercy, but I had to watch Varric and Leliana die so I’m not sure I have the detachment to make a rational judgement about that.

We were then graced with a visit from Her Radiant Majesty Queen Anora, who was most displeased with the mages (seriously, her glare could have cracked glass – she may actually be scarier than Cass) and kicked them out of Ferelden. Luckily, I was still in need of some help sealing the giant hole in the sky so I had Dalya recruit them as allies to the Inquisition.

Cullen, predictably, flipped out; Cass, while not wild about the idea, supported the fact that a decision had been made. There also followed a conversation with Vivienne that garnered a lot of disapproval; she was only slightly mollified by my allowing her to have Cullen secretly train more Templars. Varric and Solas approved though, so I’m happy with the decision.

Since there’s no time like the present I decided to go and seal the Breach. Partly because I was curious – I’d assumed sealing the Breach was the endgame goal and here it was recommended for level 8-11. So we sealed it, and we celebrated, and then a ruddy great army attacked. Well played, BioWare, well played.

Obviously we all knew from trailers that the enemy was called the Elder One, and that Hawke was making an appearance. I’d also speculated to myself that the Grey Wardens had been tracking Larius (though now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure this is my one world state where Hawke sided with Janeka). What my tiny mind never put together was that the Elder One is Corypheus!

His arrival was heralded by Cole, who makes almost as good an entrance as Dorian, and who started freaking people out right away. I’m glad I’ve found him – he adds the note of weirdness my Inner Circle was missing.

I did quite well in the fight through Haven until the final ‘aiming the trebuchet’ part, where we pretty much all died instantly. Second time around I made use of the tac cam (which I’d so far just been using to scout) and actual strategy. Trebuchet aimed, Dalya yelled at the others to run (so noble), and then wound up facing Corypheus and a dragon. I was somewhat relieved to find I wouldn’t be fighting either of them. Instead, Corypheus flung Dalya around like a rag doll, trying and failing to take the mark back. In return she buried his army in an avalanche.

Said avalanche also sent Dalya crashing into some cavern. The next 5 minutes were basically a lot of walking, with a brief stop to go “Ooh! Cool new rift powers”, before she collapsed dramatically on sight of the Inquisition camp.

I’m finding that I like Mother Giselle more and more; I kind of hope she ends up becoming the new Divine. In any case, everyone was arguing, and full of doubt, Dalya included, and she began to sing this beautiful hymn (set to that gorgeous Inquisition theme music), which Leliana joined in, and then the others. Then everyone was kneeling at Dalya’s feet, which would have felt awkward but I was too busy sobbing at the beautiful song.

Next came a little chat with Solas, who seemed a bit freaked out by how the humans were treating Dalya. Not necessarily without cause either, as it turns out the artefact Corypheus was using is Elven. He also had a suggestion for where to house the Inquisition. There followed a long cutscene of everyone trekking to Skyhold.

There followed another cutscene in which Cass told Dalya that since she’d acted like the leader they were making her the leader. Leliana then handed her a sword about the same size as her, Josie and Cullen whipped the crowd into a frenzy, and Dalya promised to end Corypheus. Cue another cutscene of everyone talking about how that will be difficult because we know nothing about Corypheus. Enter Varric with the offer of an introduction to someone who could help, provoking my favourite line of the day, from Leliana: “If this friend is who I think it is, Cassandra’s going to kill Varric.”

Today I’ll probably spend a lot of time for pratting about in Skyhold. A lot of new areas have opened up, but I still have soldiers stuck in the Fallow Mire, so I should really go and rescue them. I also need to find Cole asap and officially recruit him to the Inquisition, and, of course, meet with Varric’s mysterious friend.