We Are The Last Elvhen

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L13 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Skyhold, Hinterlands, Emerald Graves, Exalted Plains

Mission Report:

Dalya started the day by going back to the Hinterlands with Blackwall to search for Grey Warden stuff. She took Sera and Dorian, which provoked some interesting banter where he tried to persuade her that mages aren’t all bad. Sera’s response? “I like you Dorian; don’t ruin it.”

After that Dalya took Dorian to the Redcliffe Tavern to what turned out to be a meeting with his father. The problem between them was that Dorian had refused to enter into a sham marriage in order to continue his family line, because he’s gay. To top it off the Magister had tried, or at least planned, to use blood magic to change him (nice dig at people who think homosexuality is something that needs to be fixed). Dalya disapproved greatly and encouraged Dorian to walk away. With hindsight, I don’t think Dorian wanted to part with his father on bad terms, and I feel that we could have done better by him than just walking out on the Magister. Something to consider in another playthrough.

Much as I like Mother Giselle I’m a bit put out with her for trying to get Dalya to trick Dorian into going, and she didn’t help herself by later accusing him of “influencing” the Inquisitor. I had Dalya remind her quite sharply that the Inquisition doesn’t answer to the Chantry, and got the feeling she may have started the rumours herself. That said she kind of has a point on how the common folk think, so I’m still thinking she’s a good bet for Divine.

It occurred to me that Dalya should go and talk to Cass, which prompted a scene of her about to beat the living daylights out of Varric. It turns out that Leliana and Cass went looking for the Hero of Ferelden, and then Hawke, because they needed an Inquisitor. I actually felt a little upset that I wasn’t first choice, even though I was both of those people. Varric countered that he was protecting his friend and if Hawke had been at the Conclave she’d have died too. I’m inclined to agree with Varric (what a surprise!), so Dalya took his side, and I think Cass was mostly pissed because she’d believed him. She’s surprisingly insecure for someone so forceful.

After that Dalya took Solas, Blackwall, and Cole to the Emerald Graves. I really appreciated, since I’m playing a Dalish elf, the option to say “We are the last Elvhen. Never again shall we submit.” in response to Harding’s comments on the Emerald Graves. I’ve loved that phrase since Origins and it felt right to mark how different it would be for Dalya to be there, compared to a non-Elven Inquisitor.

First epic fall of the day came while trying to claim the landmark at Watcher’s Reach. Dalya made it all the way up there and fell off as she reached it. She then did the exact same thing again. The worst part was that the companions were standing at the top of the ladder waiting when she climbed back up. So embarassing.

We dealt with the Veridium Mine and the Villa fairly quickly. I loved the Villa; it’s a looters dream. I’m also glad I picked Cole for the party – he gets so excited about helping people. In fact, I think Solas/Blackwall/Cole are definitely my go-to party. While out there I realised (it’s only taken a week!) that if someone, Inquisitor included, says “Let’s look around” it’s a cue to hit search and find hidden items. I shudder to think how many bottles I’m missing through not figuring it out sooner. Incidentally, Skyhold has a wine cellar, which for some reason really impressed me.

Back at Skyhold, Dalya spent some quality time in the Undercroft crafting, and doing some inventory management. I also sent her to chat with some people, including asking Krem about Iron Bull. There was an option to express surprise that he knows about Bull being Ben-Hasserath. Krem’s take on it was my favourite line of the day: “He just writes letters back home. Lot of the boys write letters back home.” Dalya then looked in on Sera and somehow wound up watching her beat a noble to death while swearing profusely. Ok, so I skipped a few steps there but it’s not where I thought that quest was going. I actually find Sera more baffling than Cole at times. And I say that having got an answer to the turnip question.

While we were home Dalya also took the time to judge Alexius. It’s been a couple of days since the future jaunt, so I was able to tolerate the notion of making him research magic for the Inquisition, but it did result in mixed feelings from the Inner Circle. Needs must, people, we have Corypheus to deal with.

Final visit of the day was to the Exalted Plains. Dalya took Dorian because he was itching to kill some Venatori, with Blackwall and Cole for back-up. We secured the Western Rampart and made our way to Fort Revasan, where Dalya undermined the dignity of the Inquisition by tripping and falling off the ramparts. At least this time the others followed her down.

Since there were areas that needed opening up, it was then back to the War Table to organise for the bridge to be rebuilt and the passage excavated. A quick chat with Solas revealed that a friend of his (which is to say a spirit) was in need of help, which coincidentally takes us back to the Exalted Plains. Also he apparently doesn’t like tea.

Last word of the day went to Vivienne, who explained why she’s opposed to freedom for the mages. Her point is exceptionally well-argued and I don’t personally disagree with her (though for the purposes of this playthrough Dalya is disagreeing with her). It’s not enough to redeem her after she was rude to Blackwall though. There’s definitely a hierarchy developing, in terms of how I feel about different companions, and Vivienne is nowhere near the top.

Today looks like a predominantly Exalted Plains day, though I also need to go to Crestwood and get on with my Assassin specialisation quest, and go back to the Storm Coast to deal with Hessarian’s Blades. Depending how long that takes I might also open up the Western Approach and go deal with the Wardens. Too ambitious?