We Never Have Normal Days

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L14 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Skyhold, Exalted Plains, Storm Coast, Hinterlands, Crestwood, Fallow Mire, Western Approach

Mission Report:

Dalya started her day by chatting to Iron Bull, who gave a particularly chilling picture of how the Qun would impact the Inner Circle if the Qunari conquered Thedas. I’m not surprised he prefers not to think about it; it set a gloomy tone for a busy and serious day.

They left for the Exalted Plains with Cass and Solas, where Dalya found a Dalish clan and helped them out by, among other things, retrieving a Golden Halla (How do all these animals keep getting lost?). We were too late to save Solas’ spirit friend; some idiot Mages from the Kirkwall Circle had summoned and bound it, forcing it to kill bandits to protect them, twisting it’s nature so that it became a demon. We freed it, but it ‘died’ anyway. Solas was very angry and not happy that Dalya didn’t let him kill the Mages. He stormed off saying he would see us back at Skyhold, which meant Vivienne subbed in for the rest of the time in the Exalted Plains. Her banter with Bull about him cleaning his weapons was hilarious, and she’s right – he absolutely should wear a golden, bejewelled eye-patch.

We never made it to Pont Agur, but cleared Victory Rise and investigated Ghilan’nain’s Grove. Once we’d killed the Garguts in the grove, Dalya set up camp. Later she made new armour from Gargut webbing. How d’you like that, weird lizard creatures? We also went and opened the locked tower doors near the camp as I finally got the Deft Hands, Fine Tools perk; some decent loot, but nothing too exciting.

Back at Skyhold Solas apologised for disappearing and Dalya reminded him that he didn’t need to mourn alone. In a later conversation he interrogated her on how the anchor had changed her. It seems Dalya doesn’t fit his expectations of the Dalish, which may go some way toward explaining why he’s hesitant to get involved. Dalya let him know she was still interested, and it seems he’s still interested, so we left it there. I’m still of the opinion that this is going to go bad – that he’s possessed, or undead, or killed his wife and children with a thimble… but the sneaky word I heard on twitter is that his romance just doesn’t properly kick in until very late in the game. We shall see.

There was still the matter of Hessarian’s Blades to deal with at the Storm Coast, so Dalya put her amulet on and duly set off to challenge the leader. He went down easy and it seems won’t be missed; best of all the Blades now work for the Inquisition. We finally found the Astrarium cave (it involved a lot of climbing and some bravery involving spiders), and it was worth it not only for the loot, but for a compassionate chat between Cass and Dorian about how things are with his father; that woman constantly surprises me. We also came across darkspawn near a locked cave entrance, so I’m guessing we’ll be coming back.

I meant to send Dalya to Crestwood next, and get going on the Murder Knife quest, but instead stopped off at the Hinterlands to kill some Venatori with Dorian. We also cleared the mercenaries out of the Grand Forest Villa (the Guerrins have a lot of unused castles; very wasteful), and then a bear chased us from there to Redcliffe Farms. We’d already fought a lot of bears so I figured we’d run past this one. Apparently that’s a deadly insult to a bear because it wouldn’t let it go. I considered turning Dalya round to fight it, but after a while it became a matter of pride to outrun the thing.

Having escaped the bear unscathed, Dalya took Solas, Blackwall and Varric to Crestwood, which proved productive. We retook the Keep and claimed it for the Inquisition, then opened the dam (as we did so a dragon flew overhead, prompting Blackwall to ask if we ever had normal days — No, no we don’t). With the lake drained, we found Old Crestwood and the flooded caves, dealt with the fade rift, and discovered that the Mayor had been the culprit for the flooding of the village all along. I did think flooding a village was a bit elaborate for darkspawn.

Dalya ordered Cullen to capture the Mayor so I guess she’ll have to judge him today. In his defence he was trying to stop the Blight sickness from spreading, so the people he’d killed, those already tainted, were dead anyway. With that in mind I don’t feel she should be too harsh. The Crestwood trip also revealed the presence of a traitor among Leliana’s agents, so we’ve got her looking into that.

Dalya then had a really nice moment with Varric, in which he talked about how he’d never officially joined the Inquisition and why he’d stuck around. I had been wondering about that even before Hawke commented on how odd it was for Varric to be involved in something like this. In a nutshell he feels responsible for Corypheus being loose. Dalya told him he wasn’t to blame and she needed friends not worshippers. In return Varric told her she was intimidating. That surprised me — I think of Varric as being equal to anyone and any situation.

Opening the dam also opened up some new areas in Crestwood, so I picked up my final Assassin guild tokens, and just need Deathroot to craft the knife. I couldn’t remember where Deathroot grows, so tried the Fallow Mire, where I had some side quests to finish. It occurred to me when I got there that it was far too wet and boggy for Deathroot (should have checked the Codex) but I finished up the quests I was there for anyway. Plus it meant I got to hear Sera ribbing Vivienne, which is a nice change to her being snotty to everyone else.

I figured out where to find Deathroot, and realised that it tied in nicely with the need to meet Hawke and Stroud in the Western Approach, so Dalya and team headed out. We’ve not seen much so far, just closed a rift and located some shards on our way to meet with them. For a change I left the party camped out there overnight instead of going home to Skyhold.

Today we’ll begin by checking up on the Wardens. I’m also at the point where I need to open up Emprise de Lion, and the ‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’ operation which I believe drags me into the middle of the Orlesian Civil War. Why do I feel like I’m going to have to pick a side?