CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L17 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Skyhold, Caer Oswin, Val Royeaux, Emprise du Lion, Hissing Wastes, Hinterlands, Storm Coast, Exalted Plains

Mission Report:

Dalya started the day by getting a drink with Blackwall, who was in a particularly maudlin mood, and left after ranting about how easy it was for her to do the right thing and be a hero. This is why you shouldn’t drink in the morning.

Next Dalya took Cass to investigate the disappearance of the Seekers, since she’s been reminding her every time they see each other. We learned that Lord Seeker Lucius had sold out the Seekers to Corypheus because he felt the order had betrayed it’s principles, and the end of the world would offer a chance to start afresh; since that’s crazy talk, we killed him. Cass retrieved the book containing the Order’s secrets, and discovered, among other things, that the Seekers had always known Tranquility was reversible since they basically make new Seekers Tranquil, then reverse the process, as part of their training. Cass admitted she had hoped to rebuild the Seekers, and now wasn’t sure she should, but approved of Dalya’s assurance that she was the best person to make the decision.

The first judgement of the day was the Venatori henchman who subverted the Wardens (I never caught his name), which was a pretty straightforward execution. I watched Dalya chop his head off with one swing and immediately thought “No beheading is that clean!” – this is what reading history does to you.

Then followed an interesting interlude with Cole:

Dalya: “How would you like to get out of here? Do something fun?”
Cole: “I don’t know. I’ve never tried.”

We went to Val Royaux, where nobody could see him and he zapped about reading people’s hurts and offering them advice. Apparently ‘Spirit of Compassion’ means ‘Agony Aunt’ in Thedas. He told Dalya what had happened with Rhys, how he’d turned away when he’d learned what Cole was, and thanked her for helping him.

Josie had been trying to restore her family’s right to trade in Orlais, but her messengers had been killed, so we went back to Val Royaux to meet with a Comte who could tell us more. It turned out the real Comte had been stuffed in a cabinet and we were meeting with a member of the House of Repose (only Orlesians would make their Assassin’s Guild sound like a brothel). The fake Comte explained that there was an outstanding contract, made over a century ago, on anyone who tried to revive the Montiliyet fortunes.1 Josie had an elaborate plan in mind to get the contract revoked, but Dalya simply told Leliana to have her agents destroy it.

By this time I had realised that Blackwall was missing. A report found in his quarters said that a man named Mornay was being executed for his part in the massacre of a noble, carried out under orders from one Thom Rainier. I put 2 and 2 together and managed to come up with 4. Varric, Bull, Dorian, and Dalya arrived in time to see Blackwall disrupt the execution, admitting that he was Thom Rainier, and giving himself up.

Since Blackwall’s my go-to warrior there was no question of leaving him in jail. Josie suggested that we ask for his release, since the Empress owes us a favour, and Cullen was all for storming the prison, but I took Leliana’s sneaky suggestion of replacing him with a double agent we needed to get rid of, so that the world would think Thom Rainier had died for his crimes.

This bit of chicanery was totally negated by the fact that Blackwall was publicly brought before Dalya to be judged, and complained angrily that she’d let another man die in his place *sigh*. She freed him to work toward atonement, and he pledged his life to the Inquisition, then joked about how there were probably snipers in position in case he’d said no. It turned out that he had been recruited by Blackwall, but not actually Joined the Wardens (hence the dissembling over hearing the Calling) because the real Blackwall had died in a darkspawn ambush before he could do so. He’d taken on Blackwall’s role to hide from the world, and we agreed he would keep using the name as it had inspired him to be a better person.

Dalya then took up an invitation from Bull to drink with the Chargers, which gave an opportunity to question them about how they’d ended up with him. I was touched by how proud of them he is. While Dalya was in the tavern she also gave permission for Sera to pull pranks in order to raise morale. I’m still waiting to see what she does.

Next Dalya took the A-Team out to clear the Red Templars from Emprise du Lion. The camps are clear and have been claimed by the Inquisition, and the next step is to take the Keep. It was really nice to go to a cold environment for a change. The frozen river there is spectacular and I had a good giggle watching nugs slide about on the ice.

Dalya went back to Skyhold to order the bridge in Emprise du Lion repaired, and Bull let her know that the Qunari were worried about the Venatori, and interested in an alliance. Bull seemed nervy about Qunari coming to Ferelden, but approved of Dalya’s willingness to meet them.

Before we did that, I opened up the Hissing Wastes. All we’ve done so far is set up a camp and kill a few Wyvern, but I did check that the Forward Scout perk is working, which means I’ll actually find logging stands and quarries now, and Skyhold improvements will go a little faster.

Back at Skyhold, Dalya was still in demand for Judgements, and the Warden Ser Ruth was brought before her, having surrendered for her part in killing fellow Wardens for Corypheus’ ritual. Dalya sent her to the Deep Roads, which most of my companions approved (though not Solas, he’s clearly still bitter about the whole demon army thing).

Since Varric had made his request first, I figured Dalya should tackle the Deep Roads before the Storm Coast. Plus the entrance to Valammar is near a lake full of Blood Lotus and I was low on Jars of Bees. Bianca (the dwarf, not the crossbow; though the crossbow was there too) joined us for what was a surprisingly short and painless trip to the Deep Roads. Varric still complained though. He was also pissed to find that Bianca had leaked the Thaig location (though in her defence, with good intentions). Back at the Keep Dalya tried to encourage him that it wasn’t his fault, and that he wasn’t just with the Inquisition because Cass had dragged him to Haven. He perked up enough to comment that he probably would see Bianca again.

After a brief check up on Cullen, who’s now handling the Lyrium withdrawal a bit better, Dalya stopped to talk to Morrigan, and I discovered that by entering my Warden’s romance with Morrigan into the Keep, as well as his marriage to Anora, I’d inadvertently made him a bigamist. It actually fits the douchery of that particular Warden, but it was disturbing to hear Morrigan referring to him as her love and going on about their kid (not God baby, there was no ritual), given they parted on bad terms, and the Codex is merrily telling me that he and Anora are very happy. I’ll take the romance out of the Keep for that world state in case I use it again, but I’m going to ignore the ‘Contact the Hero’ operation that popped up and avoid the topic with Morrigan in future.

That weirdness done, Bull, Dorian, Varric, and the Chargers accompanied Dalya to the Storm Coast. The Qunari representative sketched out a plan that saw us take out one group of Venatori, and Krem and the Chargers another, so that a Dreadnought could destroy the Venatori ship. It was going well until the Chargers were in danger of being overrun, and Dalya’s options were to get them to retreat, or let them die so the Dreadnought could do it’s work. Dalya had Bull sound the retreat. He greatly approved that she saved his men, but was less happy with her attempt to keep the Qunari sweet, and then her sympathy when he was declared Tal-Vashoth. I was kind of pissed that there wasn’t an option to let Bull decide that one.

Dalya’s final trip of the day was to the Exalted Plains to return the history of Red Crossing to the Dalish. It earned us enough pull to recruit Lorelin as an agent. While there I’d planned on going to the bridge we restored but ended up closing a Fade rift in Riverside Garrison instead. Maybe I’ll get to the bridge today.

Back at Skyhold there was time for one last Judgement – Dalya was presented with Florianne’s boxed remains. Apparently there was some problem over trade routes because she’d died a traitor but not been tried, so they sent her to us. I finally worked out that that book dialogue icon relates to the history perk, and Dalya was able to cite a precedent which impressed Vivienne, and made short work of the decision. Since it means the trade routes revert to the crown I think Celene may now owe me 2 favours.

Today will be all about taking Keeps for the Inquisition – one in Emprise du Lion and the other in the Western Approach. I also want to take a better look at the Hissing Wastes. There are a lot of loose ends still from very early quests, that I’m assuming will be fairly quick to tidy up at my current level. Hopefully my Inner Circle will hold off the existential crises for a day at least, so I can get all that done.

1. You may have landed on this post because you’re agonising over whether to kill the Comte. I didn’t, and it made no difference to the quest. Nor did it make a difference when I decided to kill him in a subsequent play through (though it is worth mentioning that he has back up, which includes a harlequin). The only thing that seems to affect how things play out is whether you side with Josie or Leliana on how to handle the problem.