A Grim and Fatalistic Day

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L19 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Exalted Plains, Skyhold, Hinterlands, Crestwood, Western Approach, Hissing Wastes, Arbor Wilds, Valence

Mission Report:

We started the day by killing a whole host of Gurgut (Gurguts?) while traipsing around some fens looking for Vivienne’s blasted Snowy Wyvern. An option to fob her off with a regular Wyvern heart came up, and I was sorely tempted, but I wanted to know what she was concocting. We actually spotted the Exalted Plains High Dragon first, but Dalya stayed well clear of that and concentrated on the Wyvern fight, which was pretty easy in the end – possibly we should have done this earlier.

After tidying up a few side quests, we headed back to Skyhold where Dalya handed over the heart on the condition that Vivienne told her what she was up to. Vivienne, of course, disapproved, but honoured the agreement. The Marquis, her lover, was dying and this was a last ditch attempt at a cure. It failed. I love the layers to Vivienne’s character – one day I’m cursing her for being obnoxious to my friends, the next I feel terrible for her because she’s going through a family crisis.

Dalya still needed to close a bunch of rifts in the Hinterlands and Crestwood, so took Blackwall, Vivienne and Cole out and about. In the Hinterlands, a phylactery on a dead Templar led us back to the Crossroads and Enchanter Ellendra, who Vivienne persuaded to join the Inquisition as an agent. I also remembered to use a mount for a change (the Red Hart seems appropriate since Dalya’s Dalish); I worried that I’d miss banter but the ridiculous trumpeting noise the Hart makes while galloping gave me a good laugh anyway.

In Crestwood Dalya killed bandits, found the Astrarium cave, and closed rifts. The final of those was done under the interested gaze of yet another Dragon. I guess Dalya ought to start thinking about killing some of these High Dragons. She also marked a few logging stands, though I’m not sure why we’re still doing that since all the Skyhold upgrades are done – unless there are plans to release a Skyhold: Home Edition DLC? I’d buy it.

A chat with Cass revealed her concern over reports of Mages and Templars running amok, and Dalya promised to help; we needed to go to the Western Approach anyway. Which we duly did, but never actually got to Cass’ bad guy, as Dalya got distracted by bandits, and Phoenixes, and finishing the Chantry trail quest.

While at Skyhold delivering orders to the advisors, there came the highlight of my day – an appearance by one Zevran Arainai. Ok, so not in person, but there were a series of War Table missions where we had Zevran kill an Antivan who’s been working with the Venatori; then he needed a hand getting off the Crows’ radar. Same old Zevran.

Next Dalya took Cass, Solas and Dorian to the Hissing Wastes. I like taking Dorian to hunt Venatori; I’d like it more if there were daylight in the Hissing Wastes though. Dalya set up a couple more camps, found some shards, killed some Venatori, and, of course, fell off a cliff. The advantage of taking Dorian places is that he’s such a gentleman he always jumps off after her. There was also a Dwarven ruin containing a tomb which could be looted under one of our camps. It only took 3 demon maulings before Dalya found the codex that explained you had to light the braziers in order…

Since we’d hit Level 19 I figured we should open up the Arbor Wilds and do some plot stuff. Dalya spent the next few minutes fighting her way through blockades, and collecting Stormheart, while I wondered if I’d screwed up by not finishing all those side quests.

We arrived at the Temple of Mythal to find Corypheus being confronted by some strange Elves. They ignited a magical barrier which seemed to kill him, but Samson and the others went on into the Temple anyway. Morrigan had said he was there for the Eluvian, but Corypheus had been talking about a Well of Sorrows; Morrigan claimed ignorance (but it’s Morrigan) and got defensive about being wrong. A nearby Grey Warden body began writhing and we found out why Corypheus had wanted the Wardens so badly – like an Archdemon he can jump into the body of a nearby tainted creature at the moment of death. Except that Archdemon’s can’t do that to Wardens; Morrigan theorised that this was why the Wardens had locked him up.

We followed Samson into the Temple and were faced with a decision – jump after him into a hole in the ground, or perform the rituals to Mythal. Morrigan and Solas were in favour of the latter, with Morrigan taking Dalya aside to reveal that she knew more about the Well than she had said. I figured being Dalish the rituals would be important to Dalya, so we took the longer route. As puzzles go they were reasonably simple – just get all of the slabs to light up without stepping on the same slab twice. I say simple, but between Dalya falling off things, and the fact that one of the puzzles is in 2 parts, one of which I didn’t initially spot, it seemed to take forever. I began to wonder if any of the Inquisition army would be left by the time we’d finished.

When we finally made it into the Temple we were stopped by the strange Elves. They were actual Ancient Elves (who sneered at the term Elvhen – there are snobbier Elves than the Dalish after all) who had woken to defend the Temple. Dalya’s following of the proper ritual, and assertion that we’d followed our enemies into the Temple with the intention of stopping them, earned the offer of an alliance. They would guide us through the Temple to Samson, we’d stop him, then we’d go away and never come back. Dalya agreed, and Morrigan promptly turned herself into a bird and flew off to find the Well with lead Elf Abelas in hot pursuit.

For some reason the Elf guiding us through the Temple insisted on carrying a book the size of a small child, so following it was slow going. We eventually found Samson who did typical bad-guy monologuing before we fought. It didn’t help him, but sadly Dalya didn’t get to kill him there and then; instead she has the option to bring him to Skyhold for Judgement. Is it bad that I’m starting to miss just killing people?

Next we had to go and find Morrigan and Abelas. He was persuaded not to destroy the Well, and the Elves left. Then a debate began over who should drink from it: Solas refused, Cass wanted Morrigan to drink to minimise the risk to Dalya, Blackwall felt if anyone had the power it should be the Inquisitor. I didn’t like the idea of the price, or Dalya being bound to the Temple (despite Morrigan’s insistence that Mythal was dead), so chose Morrigan. Drinking from the Well allowed her to unlock the Eluvian, and we escaped through it to Skyhold just as Corypheus attacked.

There followed further discussion of what Corypheus might do next, and Morrigan was able to put her new powers to use. She said that Corypheus’ Dragon was his weakness, as he’d put part of himself into it, and destroying the Dragon would allow us to destroy him (wait, this sounds familiar; are we sure it’s a Dragon and not, say, a ring?). It was sobering news as I’d thought Clarel had killed the Dragon back at Adamant; in my defence there was a lot going on there.

As an aside, all the talk of dragons reminded me that there’s been no sign of Flemeth yet, and I’m remembering that dragon fight from the trailers, and kind of hoping she swoops in to save us (look I’ll fight the dragon if I have to, but I’m lazy, and totally ok with someone else doing it).

For a change I remembered to have Dalya talk to all the Inner Circle after this quest. Bull was pretty reassuring (“We’re good at killing things.”). Solas was so intense I wondered if he remembered that Dalya hadn’t been the one to drink from the Well. We picked some flirty dialogue options and got a promising response: “I am grim and fatalistic; getting you into bed is just an agreeable side-benefit.” He then suggested they go ‘somewhere’.

It’s Solas, so ‘somewhere’ was a place where the Veil is thin. He then said lots of flattering things about how wonderful Dalya was, and that he owed her the truth. Despite my dire predictions, the truth was that he’d learned in the Fade that Vallaslin did not honour the Elven Gods, but were instead ancient slave markings (which makes it very interesting that the Elves in the Temple had them). He then offered a spell to remove the Vallaslin. Dalya was initially hesitant; the Dalish had claimed the markings, whatever the original meaning, and they connected her to her past. It seemed important to Solas though, and I’ve always kept her a bit ambivalent about Dalish heritage, so she agreed he could remove them. Credit to BioWare here, the scene of him performing the spell felt more intimate than any ‘fade to black’ moment ever could. With the spell done, Solas announced that Dalya was free, and very beautiful, and that they couldn’t be together. Despite her protests he left, saying “Maybe in another world”, so I’m back to thinking he’s possessed or undead; ooh, or maybe he knows Dalya’s going to die, or he’s going to die. I’m fine with it ending so long as I get a good explanation.

Dalya dealt with her heartbreak by going on a little quest with Leliana in which we murdered a priestess, and Dalya encouraged Leliana to become even more ruthless. This is how monsters are created. I now feel Dalya needs to go and warn Cass what she’s up against if they both decide to go for the job of Divine.

Today there will be further nursing of the broken heart by killing of the things. I’d like to get more done in the Western Approach and the Hissing Wastes, and I haven’t been back to the Emerald Graves or Forbidden Oasis for a while. I suspect plot stuff will wait til tomorrow, as my completionist nature wars with my need to see how it all ends.