The Elven Ruin Appreciation Society

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L20 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Skyhold, Emerald Graves, Emprise du Lion, Hinterlands, Exalted Plains, Temple of Dirthamen, Forbidden Oasis, Arbor Wilds

Mission Report:

After a quick check of the War Table, Dalya set out for the Emerald Graves, with Cass, Bull and Dorian in tow. It was mostly a case of mopping up rifts, working on outstanding collections (there are a lot of landmarks in the Emerald Graves), establishing more camps, and tying up remaining side quests. Dalya may also have fallen into a waterfall again; this time it was Bull’s fault – he got in the way and she ricocheted off him and over the edge. True story.

One of the side quests was the creepiest mansion I ever did see, full of walking corpses, disturbing diary entries, and pictorial clues. Even Cass was spooked. It seems yet another noble family decided they could ‘deal’ with their child’s magic rather than pack them off to the Circle. Dalya eventually found the key (in the stuffed Dragon’s tail – who does that?), got onto the balcony to disable the weird box, and then jumped down into the garden (deliberately this time), to kill the Arcane Horror. I really hope we got all the loot because I don’t want to go back there.

Dalya also finally finished the Freemen quest for Fairbanks, which resulted in him becoming an Inquisition agent. Kind of wishing we’d done that sooner. The Lyrium Smuggler quest has disappeared from the Journal so possibly should have been done before opening up the Arbor Wilds; sorry Cullen! I figured out one of those map fragments as well, which resulted in a trip back to Elgar’nan’s Bastion (where the Tomb of the Emerald Knights was) to find the loot. Bull got really excited because it’s Dragon territory, but once again we had not prepared for Dragons; I’ll have to make it up to him. We did get some amusing banter, with Dorian asking Bull if he wouldn’t prefer him leashed, and Bull responding that he’d at least buy him dinner first. I ship it.

On our return to Skyhold, Dalya plucked up the courage to talk to Solas about their non-relationship, and he promised to explain everything. If they live through the fight with Corypheus. I noticed he’s taken to calling her Inquisitor again and it makes me sad. While there, she also took the time to order Samson to be brought to Skyhold for judgement.

Next came a trip to Emprise du Lion with Blackwall, Sera, and Solas, where they investigated Valeska’s Watch, did more of Blackwall’s Memories of the Grey quest, and killed another of Cass’ rogue Mages. I’m not sure if we were supposed to do something about the darkspawn in Valeska’s Watch; it wasn’t very clear if the breach could be sealed like the darkspawn tunnels in the Storm Coast, so I just left it.

Back at Skyhold Dalya had to judge Samson, who chose to monologue about the Chantry using Templars and how they were in charge of their destiny with Corypheus, rather than defend his actions. Cullen was not amused. Since there was no option to execute Samson herself, Dalya decided to give him to Dagna to study. Bizarrely both Solas and Sera approved; I think it might be the first time they’ve agreed on anything.

I felt bad about killing Cass’ bad guys without her, so Dalya took her, along with Cole and Vivienne, to the Hinterlands, and then the Exalted Plains, in search of more. On the way back to the Ghilan’nain’s Grove camp Dalya got lost, found a landmark, and fell 3 storeys into an Elven Temple. It seemed a bit puzzle-heavy (Ancient Elves clearly had a lot of time on their hands, what with the living forever) so we left it, and went to finish the supplies quest for the Dalish.

Not until venturing back to the Emerald Graves had I realised that Bears and Great Bears are two different things (basically the Great Bears look like elephants that have disguised themselves as bears) and I only seem to have found Great Bears in the Emerald Graves. Since a number of them attacked us there Dalya was able to supply the pelts to the Dalish as requested. While in that area of the Exalted Plains we also went and looked for the last of the Elven glyphs. This opened up a War Table operation to have them translated, which in turn gave us the location of the Lost Temple of Dirthamen.

While out in the Exalted Plains the elusive party banter dialogue wheel appeared, as Vivienne asked me to get my ‘pet demon’ to leave her alone. Naturally I sided with Cole, who then recounted Vivienne’s feelings about her Harrowing experience and told her not to worry, as he’d kill any Templars that came for her. For once, she was at a loss for words.

Since we’d found it, I figured we should go and explore our newest Elven ruin, and called the A-Team into action. No puzzles this time, but plenty of creepiness. When we weren’t finding the bodies of the last exploration group to visit, we were picking up bits of dessicated corpse from the various shrines, and fighting off walking corpses. For reasons best known to themselves, the Elves of the Temple had dismembered and bound their high priest, and here we were putting him back together again. Why, you ask? The loot. I wonder how that previous group would have felt if they’d known that Dirthamen’s Wisdom was just a shield. Annoyingly I’m going to have to go back, as I’ve realised that we missed one of the veilfire runes.

After offloading some inventory, we were all set to go out again. Dorian, Sera, and Bull accompanied Dalya to the Forbidden Oasis, where they picked up some more shards, returned the miner’s ring, and braved the spider cave again looking for the cache she passed on to them. Also a useful opportunity to collect spider ichor and eggs to fill a requisition. Did I say useful? I meant gross. I’ve now reached the conclusion that we need to collect all the shards in order to find the Temple of Solasan, because I can’t find a way in, even when it’s marked on the map. Not sure that I’ll manage that in this first playthrough, as the pull of finding out how it all ends is growing stronger.

With that in mind, I sent Dalya to speak to Morrigan about the next step. She told us that she needed to go into the Arbor Wilds to perform a ritual at an Altar to Mythal; Dalya needed to escort her in case the Altar was guarded. So the A-Team got to go to yet more Elven ruins. As it happens there was no guardian, and everyone except Dalya was asked to wait outside while Morrigan performed her ritual.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I hoped Flemeth would swoop in and save us all, and it turns out I wasn’t far off the mark. Morrigan called on Mythal, and Flemeth showed up. Morrigan didn’t want to believe it, but the voices from the Well confirmed that Flemeth carried Mythal within her. Because Dalya is Dalish she could respond to her as Asha’bellanar, while the History perk also allowed her to comment on Flemeth’s frequent appearance in heroic stories, earning my favourite line of the day: “I nudge history when it’s required; other times a shove is needed.”

Flemeth then bestowed some kind of power on Morrigan to deal with Corypheus’ Dragon when the time comes, and left. Morrigan told Dalya she wished she’d been the one to drink from the Well; it’s kind of funny that Morrigan has ended up bound to the person she was trying to get free of. Ritual done, it was back to Skyhold, where a quest called “Doom Upon All the World” has appeared on the War Table. It sounds ominous enough that it must be the end game quest.

While I hate leaving things unfinished, I really need to know how this all ends, so I think a lot of the remaining side quests and collections will be abandoned. I do, however, want a practice run at a Dragon, since I figure we’ll have to fight Corypheus’ Dragon, and there are a few things in the Western Approach and Hissing Wastes that I’m not willing to leave. I also need to check everyone’s armour and weapons, as only the A-Team and Cass have purpose-made gear, and I don’t know who I’ll need to call upon. All of which assumes I can resist the lure of the doom that awaits us.