Here Be Dragons

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L21 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Skyhold, Western Approach, Fallow Mire

Mission Report:

Dalya began the day by making new armour for Bull and Varric. Varric’s ended up purple, but he seems ok with it. Bull pretty much looks like a walking fortress; one made of Silverite, so he has the added advantage of blinding his enemies. Smithing accomplished, Dalya then set out to tackle the Western Approach with Cass, Bull, and Solas in tow.

We started with Frederic’s Dragon-related quests since I’d promised myself we’d take down a Dragon today, and I know the Abyssal High Dragon is one of the easier ones. Finding the Dragon traps had me running Dalya round in circles (literally as the traps are roughly arranged in a circle) because they’re so hard to spot. It was almost a relief when those White Claw bandits finally attacked. Next we went and got a Phoenix feather; I’m pretty sure the Phoenix is now extinct in the Western Approach given how many we killed before one dropped a feather.

The final piece was a Tevinter book on luring dragons, which took us into the Silent Ruin, where the Venatori had been messing with time again in order to try and get the weapon hidden in the ruin. It was kind of creepy looting the place while slipping past frozen Venatori and demons. We found the book, and benefitted from the Venatori’s hard work to loot a skull-topped staff from the sealed room. Opening it brought the rift back into the flow of time, but, conveniently, Dalya can close those.

Dalya Lavellan and team dragon hunting.Tasks completed, Dalya agreed to lure out the Abyssal High Dragon. As it approached Bull said: “Boss, I want you to know… you’re the best!” Since I’d waited til Dalya was at a relatively high level, it was a fairly easy fight. I have Solas set up primarily as a Ice mage, and made sure they were all kitted out with fire resistance tonics, so we just kept at it til it fell over. After the looting Dalya reported back to Frederic, who offered his services to the Inquisition. Another Agent acquired.

They took a break at Skyhold so Dalya could order a bridge built to get to the bottom of the Darkspawn problem, and Bull took her drinking to celebrate the Dragon-slaying. I’m surprised Mother Giselle hasn’t taken Dalya to task for the amount of day drinking she does with her companions. It turns out killing a Dragon made it the best day in Bull’s life, and I’m torn between thinking that’s sad, and thinking that we need to go and kill all the rest of them right away.

On her return to the Western Approach Dalya swapped out her team for Blackwall, Cole, and Dorian. The latter because there were Venatori involved, and he takes such delight in killing them; Blackwall because I still take him to do Warden-related stuff even though he’s not really a Warden. We tracked Servis through an old Tevinter prison, stopping up the tunnel the darkspawn were using in the process. Dalya set up the last Western Approach camp just outside and then followed on to Echoback Fort. We killed everyone, but the quest wasn’t showing as completed, and I began to suspect it was bugged. We eventually found Servis half-embedded in a wall and still alive (some crazy magic Dorian’s been keeping from us?). This time there was an option to kill him, but it was billed as ‘Leave him to die’, which seemed a bit harsh given we had a number of pointy objects at our disposal. Instead Dalya had him sent back to Skyhold for judgement. We then mopped up all remaining quests, including finding all the shards and landmarks. I am still missing pieces of the mosaic though.

Back at Skyhold, Dalya set some War Table operations in motion (I keep forgetting to have her talk to Krem about jobs for the Chargers, so I’m only now sending them to sort out Adamant), then called Servis for Judgement. It seemed he’d been hired via a third-party, and had been smuggling magical artefacts out of the Western Approach on the side. A letter found at the Keep where he was apprehended corroborated this, and Dalya passed him over to Leliana to earn his place as an informant. Cole and Sera disapproved; but she got a glimmer of appreciation from Vivienne.

Dalya closed out the day with a quick trip back to the Fallow Mire, to unlock the cabin and find the landmarks she was missing; Bull, Solas and Varric accompanied her. While slogging through the mud Solas questioned how Bull felt about his Tal-Vashoth status, and suggested a game of mental chess to pass the time, with a dig at Bull’s perception of the Tal-Vashoth as uncultured berserkers. I do enjoy the subtlety of his humour. With that done, we don’t have to go back to the Fallow Mire again, which makes me very happy. It’s not even the creepiness that bothers me – it’s the damp.

The ‘Doom Upon All The World’ quest is still tempting me whenever I go to the War Table, but I think I want to figure out what the Venatori are doing in the Hissing Wastes, and open the rest of those Dwarven tombs first. So, sand today; doom tomorrow.