Doom Upon All The World

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L21 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Skyhold, Temple of Dirthamen, Hissing Wastes

Mission Report:

I started the day by sending Dalya, Blackwall, Varric and Solas back to the Temple of Dirthamen for that final veilfire rune. Either I’ve missed something else, or all they get you are Codex entries on the Temple. Disturbing Codex entries.

From there we went straight to the Hissing Wastes where we trudged endlessly through sand, finding landmarks, shards, Red Templars, Venatori and a new beastie called Lurkers, which appear to be the slower cousins of the Raptors from Jurassic Park.

At one of the Venatori camps Dalya used leaping shot mid-fight, and promptly fell backwards down the cliff-face we’d just climbed. Since the others followed her down we then had to climb back up while the Venatori politely waited for us to come and finish the fight. That may be the best pratfall yet. The main Venatori camp was fairly easy to find and depopulate. The quest was marked as completed without any kind of boss fight, so I assume we haven’t left anyone embedded in a wall this time.

The tombs, however, were trickier to locate, with our intrepid heroes stumbling hopefully toward any vaguely Dwarven-looking ruin for what felt like several hours. It was interesting to have Varric along for what was essentially a visit to an ancient Dwarven city on the surface. His theory that dwarves were compensating for not having Magic by creating powerful and lethal runes was quite funny, even if it did upset him to have to think about Dwarven stuff.

I couldn’t find the final tomb so, for (I think) only the third time, I resorted to the strategy guide to get the location. It’s just as well I did, as it turns out the tomb was guarded by the Hissing Wastes’ High Dragon, the Sandy Howler, and we thereby avoided flamey death. We went back to the nearest camp and swapped Varric and Blackwall for Cass and Bull, then stocked up on the fire resistance potions, before heading out to the tomb. This fight was trickier than the Abyssal High Dragon – it was another fire dragon, but with the delightful added feature of a roar that stuns you and summons dragonlings to the party. We lost Bull toward the end, but were victorious; he was too psyched to care. The loot from the tomb wasn’t that exciting (a rune?) compared to the haul from the Dragon, but we stopped the Venatori from getting it, which is the important part.

With only a few shards and mosaic pieces left to find, I decided we were done with the Hissing Wastes. I also decided it was time to see what Corypheus had in store.

We began with a discussion at the War Table about how we were even supposed to find Corypheus. That turned out to be easy, since he turned up mid-conversation to rip the Breach back open. Morrigan had confirmed that she could handle the Dragon, but Cullen was worrying that none of our troops were back. It was down to Dalya and companions to deal with him.

I picked Blackwall and Solas, of course, but Cass over Cole, as Cole can be a bit squishy and I wasn’t sure what exactly we’d be up against. We rushed down to the Valley of Sacred Ashes, to find Corypheus waving his orb around and announcing that it was time to see which of them was a God; Dalya replied that she had no interest in being a God. Corypheus then called out his Dragon, only for Morrigan to swoop in in Dragon-form to fight it (I had a feeling that might be what Flemeth had shown her). Corypheus was left to the rest of us; it was a fairly standard fight, interspersed with running further into the temple ruins after him. Once his health was halved, we saw Morrigan crash back down to earth, and were suddenly faced with finishing off Corypheus’ Dragon, also at half health. That part was mostly a war of attrition, gradually getting its health down and avoiding the streams of Red Lyrium it occasionally spewed our way. Then it was back to Corypheus; I have to say I remember him being a tougher fight in the Legacy DLC, though I guess that was in a more confined space.

With Corypheus weakened almost to death, Dalya wrested the orb back from him, and, as far as I could make out, disintegrated him and used the pieces to seal up the Breach again. In the process, the orb shattered into several pieces. Solas picked it up, looking very distressed, and Dalya apologised that she hadn’t been able to save it. He told her it wasn’t her fault, and that things weren’t meant to have gone this way. His final words were that, no matter what happened next, what they’d had was real. Dalya turned her attention to the other companions, who had come to find her, and when she looked back he was gone.

There followed a big celebration at Skyhold, where most of the companions told Dalya they’d be sticking around, at least for a while (apparently Vivienne’s in a hurry to get back to court though) and Josie fretted that she’s not organised a good enough banquet. At least there was cake, which is more than the Fereldans did for my Warden. Leliana pulled Dalya aside to tell her that there was no trace of Solas. Since he’d promised an explanation I half-hoped he’d be lurking somewhere to provide it, but no. A brief scene of Dalya looking out from her balcony, then a voiceover from Morrigan on the fate of the Chantry (Leliana became Divine), Orlais (Celene kept strong ties with the Inquisition), the Wardens (began to rebuild and broke with Weisshaupt), and Hawke (largely unknown).

I was forewarned about the end of credits clip, and correctly assumed that it would explain Solas’ involvement in everything that had happened – I had no idea of the reveal in store though.

It began with Flemeth facing an Eluvian, greeting someone that was clearly going to be Solas. And then the line: “You should not have given Corypheus your orb, Dread Wolf.” Mind blown. Pieces everywhere. He replied that he had been too weak, after his long slumber, and the people needed him. Flemeth comforted him, calling him old friend, and saying she was sorry, then fell back as though dead, and when Solas looked up from her body his eyes had changed. Since I don’t trust either of them I’m not quite sure which has screwed the other over, but I suspect we’ll be seeing him (them?) again in DA4.

I was annoyed that Dalya hadn’t had an explanation, but I’ll settle for my knowing why things couldn’t work out with them. Knowing he was Fen’Harel makes a lot of the things he said and did make more sense. I am glad I chose to play an Elven Inquisitor first, as it would have lost something to go through that romance already knowing who Solas really was.

If you’ll permit me to don my tinfoil hat and alude to Masked Empire spoilers for a moment, I now wonder if ‘Solas’ was actually Felassan’s body. It was left vague as to who or what came for him at the end of the book, and Felassan was another bald Elf with unusual magic and a strong affinity to the Fade (and a wealth of stories about Fen’Harel). Of course, Felassan had Vallaslin, but then Solas knew a spell to remove them, and surely would, given how he feels about it. The point at which it falls down is that we met both Mihris and Briala. I didn’t have Solas in the party at the palace, but Mihris would surely have recognised Felassan. I guess that could be explained away too – we are talking about a God – though I haven’t come up with anything for that just yet. *Removes tinfoil hat*

On the whole I’m pleased with Dalya’s run as Inquisitor. The fact that I didn’t have to start over is a major improvement on my first attempts at previous Dragon Age games, even if I didn’t end up chronicling quite the train wreck I’d promised. I’m sure my agonising over what the hell was wrong with Solas, and random predictions of who should be Divine, still provided amusement though.

I’ll probably post thoughts on the Inner Circle, and what I felt was good and bad about the game, over the next few days. While I have other playthroughs in mind (in fact I’ve already started with my Qunari Mage), I don’t plan to post daily updates of those; for one thing, now that I know the ending I’ll use the strategy guide a lot more, which means less blundering.

Thank you for following Dalya’s story, and best of luck with your own Inquisiting.