The Little Things

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.

While rummaging around Skyhold yesterday I came across a gem of a note – the song list for the Sing-quisition’s next rehearsal. It included the detail that Scout Harding would be conducting the Ballad of Nuggins, as she had campaigned for it’s inclusion. This find (on the top floor of the Requisitions building if you want to see it for yourself) filled me with joy, and not only because I love both Scout Harding and the Ballad of Nuggins.

This attention to detail is one of the great pleasures of DAI, as it adds colour and richness to the world and its characters. It comes in many forms, sometimes it’s information found in a note like the one above, others it’s in banter (the revelation that Divine Justinia wanted Varric to autograph her copy of Hard in Hightown comes to mind), or it might be through War Table operations (the letters from the Valo-Kas mercenary company are hilarious: “You got us demons, Adaar; Some of them were on fire!”).

While the notes remain the same in each new game there are a lot of them – I’m finding loads that I missed on my first playthrough. Banter is a little more reactive to race and world state, and of course with that many companions it’s going to take a while to even get close to hearing all the banter permutations. War Table operations depend on world state, background, who you’ve talked to, and other missions you’ve completed, so while some will probably feel old, and be dismissed to the best (quickest) advisor to deal with, within another playthrough, it still feels like there will be unique operations appearing for a while. It’s a long enough game that I may have forgotten some of these things even exist by the time I start a new playthrough.

I hope you’re having fun finding gems of your own; if you come across the Sing-quisition rehearsing do let me know – I want the tune for the Ballad of Nuggins.