The Ultimate Dragon Age Party

I’m guessing you already know that the Dragon Age team are running a social media contest to determine the Ultimate Dragon Age Party.

How the contenders are lining up on the Dragon Age site.

While the voting process has only just begun, I know who I’m backing to win:

The Warrior – Alistair Therin

Warrior had some strong contenders: Sten, Aveline, Cassandra; in some ways one of these might have been a better choice, as I don’t tend to build Alistair as a tank. I wanted to think about my party as more than just the ultimate fighting team though, and Alistair’s self-deprecating nature, general optimism, and quirky sense of humour won him a place. Plus he’s King of Ferelden in my canon playthrough, so I assume has some political pull.

The Rogue – Varric Tethras

My choice of rogues was limited by the fact that I knew that whichever hero I picked would be wielding dual daggers. Leliana, Sera, and Sebastian were not strong contenders, so it came down to Nathaniel or Varric; and Varric not only brings Bianca, and his Dwarven Merchant Guild contacts to the party, but also his own incomparable wit and charm.

The Mage – Dorian Pavus

I wavered between Morrigan and Dorian for this one, but it all came down to the fact that I don’t trust Morrigan. Dorian is completely open about his loyalties and intentions, and, unlike many of the other mages in contention, a pleasure to spend time with. Plus, you know, handy with the lightning.

The Hero – Elissa Cousland

My hero was always going to be a dagger wielding rogue – it’s my favourite class, and would bring the best balance to the overall party. With that decided, it had to be a Warden – I simply couldn’t justify why this party would form around Hawke, and I liked being a Warden more than I liked being Inquisitor.

These are not actually my favourite companions (Solas and Fenris rank higher for me), but I based the decision on how I thought they’d work together as a team. I also thought about the social side of teaming them up. I believe I’ve mentioned before how annoying Fenris and Anders are when you put them in a party together; snarking can be fun at times, but my favourite parties are the ones where the companions can have a laugh, but aren’t at each others throats over their differences. With this party, I can see them taking it in turns to team up and tease each other, but with no one party member taking the brunt of it. While Alistair and Dorian might have some mutual distrust (the Mage-Templar thing), they’re not natural extremists, and I think would set their differences aside to get the job done.

So there you have my Ultimate Party. Let me know what you think, and who’s on your team, in the comments.

Happy voting, guys!