Everything Happened At Once

Yesterday was full of announcements from the Dragon Age team.

First came this:

which was followed, after a couple of hours of speculation, by this:

which was followed, in my case, by a lot of squealing.

What this means for us, dear reader, is that Dalya Lavellan will be coming out of retirement to deal with the soon-to-be-revealed events of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, and I’ll be updating the blog more regularly for a while. There will be spoilers (I do start each post with a warning), so if you’re one of the unlucky PS4, or older console, owners who doesn’t have a date on DLC yet, you should probably stay away.

In other news, the final results of the #DAUltimateParty vote were revealed:

Sorry Dorian – I did my best!

You’ll note that it’s not too far off my ideal party.

Ok then, time to go and reacquaint myself with Dalya and her team. See you tomorrow.