Inquisitor and Archaeologist

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L24 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Frostback Basin, Skyhold

Mission Report:

The Astrarium that was giving me trouble proved a doddle when I came back to it, and the cave is now open. Since we were close to the final Fade-touched creature we went hunting that instead. I’d included Cole today, because I was curious as to how the Avvar would respond to him, and he suggested we give the offering to Finn so that he could keep his father’s name. Cass cautioned against it but I went with Cole. Finn and the Huntmaster both approved, but the Undertaker lady muttered about the risks of deceiving spirits, so perhaps the decision will come back to haunt us. More immediately, the Hold remained unimpressed, so I sent the team up to the Arena to partake in the Trial of Hakkon.

There were a few problems. Dorian had picked up a veilfire torch earlier and just ran around the battlefield waving it, even when I took control of him. He eventually joined in when one of those Avvar bruisers knocked him over and he dropped his torch. Cole is a bit squishy, and by this point I’d swapped Cass for Bull, so they died quite quickly. Dalya spent most of the fight stealthing about reviving her companions; the trickiest being Cole who somehow managed to die in mid-air while falling off the bridge. Everyone survived, just, and we, at last, made an impression on the Hold. Despite their familiarity with spirits no one commented on Cole – I guess I’ll try bringing him to the first meeting with the Augur in a future PT.

After a brief trip back to camp to replenish supplies and pick up Blackwall, we headed for the mysterious island in search of Ameridan. For some reason I always take Cole to mysterious, spirit-filled places, and he always says stuff that freaks me out; in this case that the spirits were feeding on Blackwall’s sorrow. It wasn’t a very big island and we quickly found a Fade rift. I really feel that Dalya’s suggestion that she open it should have met with more resistance; I mean, we’ve just spent how long closing the damned things?! Open it she did, and, with Cole’s help, got some answers, and persuaded the spirit that she could let go. The spirit seems to have been close to Ameridan’s lover Telana (possession, one wonders?) and knew that he had headed upriver to a place with spires, to confront the Avvar and the Dragon to which they’d bound their God. On Drakon’s orders no less. So the Wolf from the story in the ruin must have been something different. Or perhaps a first attempt. The team looted the place, dealt with some Hakkonites who’d followed them, and went back to shore.

The next order of business should have been a report to Kenric, but Linna’s cousin was missing, and locating her seemed like a good opportunity to impress the Hold. Plus it’s been a whole day since we went looking for a missing person. I’m not really sure why Runa was climbing cliffs, since there were perfectly good paths in all the places we tracked her to, but we caught up in time to rescue her from a Lurker, and join her as she offered prayers. And yes, the people of the Hold were impressed.

We then stopped at the Astrarium cave where we found a nice sword with decent cold damage for Blackwall. Interesting because we’d unlocked the Mystery of Winter chamber the previous day, where some grave robbing had imbued Dalya with a boost to cold resistance; I’m sensing a theme here. There were shards to collect on the route back to camp, one of which could only be reached by climbing along a fallen tree, allowing us to keep up Dalya’s daily pratfall habit. She got it on the third attempt.

Back at the Research Outpost Kenric was so excited by Dalya’s findings that he had to talk about buckles to calm himself down. He couldn’t shed much light on why such a important mission had been lost to history, but he did tell Dalya that the next step would be to follow Ameridan’s trail upriver.

At this point our heroes took a trip home to Skyhold so that Dalya could issue some orders and indulge in a little crafting. One of the orders was to send SkyWatcher to Stone-Bear Hold for some competitive feats of strength, which seems to have have gone down well, especially with the Thane; Josie’s report was a mix of fascination and horror. The crafting stop was partly due to my companions’ armour needing an upgrade, partly to shift some inventory, and mostly to play around with the new armour tinting bench. I decided against making their armour match, but dressed Cole in white, Blackwall in red, Dalya in blue and came very close to turning the team into a walking Union Jack. I averted this by tinting the main part of Dorian’s outfit with King’s Willow Weave – yellow suits him.

I may have spoken prematurely when I said that Dalya couldn’t have proper conversations with people at Skyhold any more, as she spoke to Mother Giselle twice, and got a range of conversation options. Dalya also wound up having a conversation with Morrigan which probably should have happened after the trip to Mythal’s Altar. It seems conversations with Morrigan follow a strict order that pays no regard to what’s actually happened in the game; partly my fault as I kept forgetting to send Dalya to talk to her.

Back in the Frostback Basin we came across Baron D’Amortisan, an Orlesian noble who was quick to assure Dalya that the Inquisition soldiers would not be able to establish camps without his herbal concoctions to keep the beasts away. A bit awkward since Dalya had already established all the camps, but she humoured him any way – if the herbs will keep the spiders away it’ll have been worth it. While finishing that up, they met the Baron’s scribe Dunwich; presumed dead, but merely tardy. It seems they’re there to locate a fearsome beast that no one has ever seen. Uh-huh. What are we willing to bet that their fearsome beast is something innocuous like a nug?

Instead of hunting, Dalya and crew headed upriver, clearing out Hakkonite camps, killing spiders, and following Ameridan’s trail. The trail led to the same fort whose drains we’ve already explored – the decision not to invade it yesterday was clearly the right one, as without our information on Ameridan we wouldn’t have got further than the inner courtyard. Once we’d cleared out the Hakkonites, we had to wait for Harding to bring Kenric, who now wants to search the fort. Presumably for buckles.

It seemed like a good, defensible place to stay the night, so we’ll pick up there tomorrow. Hopefully, in addition to buckles, there will be some answers on how to get past the Ice Wall and into the Hakkonite fortress.