Over the Wall

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L26 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Skyhold, Frostback Basin

Mission Report:

I have now completed the jaws of Hakkon DLC, but the resulting blog post was so long I decided to split it – this is Part 1.

The team had camped at the Tevinter fort overnight, but I sent them back to Skyhold before we began our search so that Dalya could put the Advisors to work. It proved to be a good decision, as Cullen had retrieved Tyrdda Bright-Ax’s weapon, and Josie suggested that the relics could be sent to Stone-Bear Hold as gifts.

On the ‘Why won’t anyone talk to me?’ front, it seems that the dialogue options really are gone for the Companions and Advisors, but not for random NPCs like Morrigan and Mother Giselle. Confusing, and a little lonely.

Back at the fort we were met with two locked doors, the key to which was a puzzle in the middle of the courtyard. As I’m impatient, and notoriously bad at in-game puzzles, I sent Dalya running across it in wild zigzags until the pattern matched and each door, in turn, opened. They were small treasure chambers, with unremarkable loot.

More intriguing was the doorway blocked by an Elven barrier. Kenric was beside himself with excitement; Scout Harding decided that she would go and watch for Hakkonites, so I conclude that she’d had enough of his enthusiasm on the trip over. Some planks took us up on to the walls, where a veilfire brazier offered a way to dispel the barrier. Inside were two shrines: one pre-Divine Andrastian, the other to Ghilan’nain. Kenric suggested that Telana must have been an elf, which would explain why all references to her had been removed from the history books. Two veilfire runes either side of the door lit up the Tevinter statue outside, so I sent Dalya back across the walls to lower a weird winged device, then had her run back to pull the lever on the statue near the shrines. We had been stumbling across weird Tevinter statues with pulleys for the past two days, and it turned out they were a trail of beacons, the final one of which would break the spell on the ice wall.

At this point I sent Dalya to update the Thane, who indicated that she would start caring once the ice wall was actually down. Since it wasn’t clear what kind of fight we might get embroiled in when the final beacon was lit, I had Dalya work on clearing a few of the outstanding side quests.

Closing rifts along the river banks led to them crossing paths with Sigrid, who agreed to tell Dalya about herself if she promised to leave her alone (leading Blackwall to quip: “There’s a first time for everything”). Sigrid was an apprentice Augur, who had exiled herself from the Hold. A visit to the Augur proved revealing; Avvar Mages learn their magic directly from the spirits, who are allowed to possess them. Once they’re ready, the Mage performs a ritual to release the spirit. Weak Mages retain their spirit, and the other spirits watch over them; if they become ‘sick’ the other spirits take action. Sigrid had not been able to complete her ritual for some reason, and had left the Hold. A visit to the ritual site gave clues that it had been interrupted, and they went back to Sigrid for answers. Dalya pushed her into admitting that she didn’t want to give the spirit up, as she had no kin or friends in the Hold, but she agreed to go back and seek advice from the Augur. There was an option to recruit her as an Inquisition Agent, but I had an eye on that quest to impress the Hold. The Augur confirmed that Sigrid had come to see him, and explained that he could not remove the spirit for her; it was on Sigrid to complete the ritual.

All of this has fascinating implications for Anders and Justice, as it suggests they could be separated. On the other hand, since joining with Anders twisted Justice into Vengeance, they must surely be in the ‘sick’ category. Beyond that, I’m not convinced Anders really does want to be free of Justice – and he would have to be the one to perform the ritual. I anticipate many fanfics in which Anders travels to the Avvar for help though.

Next the team tracked the Nex Morta, for D’Amortisan. We retrieved a slightly chewed label, which made him ecstatic, and he sent us back out with more bait. I was wrong; it wasn’t a nug, just an angry bogfisher. To hear D’Amortisan talk you’d think we’d taken down a High Dragon.

This seemed like a good time to light the trail of beacons and melt the ice wall, which was done with much falling off cliffs and swearing. Even with the wall down, the gates were heavily defended, and Cole urged a retreat to Stone-Bear Hold, where the Thane would surely provide reinforcements.

The thrilling conclusion to this story will be posted tomorrow in Part 2!