Spoils of the Avvar Item Pack


So this little tweet crossed my timeline earlier today. 

At a quick glance the pack includes mounts, armour and schematics, and some stuff to pretty up Skyhold. I haven’t checked the price because I’ve spent all my money on other games so can’t buy until July anyway.

Always assuming I do bother to buy it. I went the item pack route in DA2, and found that it only added to the ‘endlessly collecting armour for which I have no use’ problem because the item pack armours were overpowered compared to everything in game other than the Champion set.

I don’t think that will be a problem in DAI – I have the Armour of the Dragon set and schematic and haven’t used them all that much. I’ve not looked too closely at the armour in this pack, and perhaps it really does add something new, but it comes with a load of stuff I don’t care about. I barely use the mounts I have, and I seldom remember to change more than the stained glass when it comes to Skyhold (well, that and getting that Herb Garden going), so it feels like I’d be paying a lot of money for the one small part of the pack that I’d use – not very appealing when Witcher 3 is throwing stuff like that at me for free right now (which does not mean that I think BioWare should also be giving me free stuff, just that it’s factoring into my decision-making).

Perhaps, down the line, I may pick this up in a sale, or if bundled with other items with more appeal. For now I will save my pennies for the next DLC instalment.