Dragon Hunter

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L27 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



Skyhold, Hinterlands, Crestwood, Exalted Plains, Storm Coast, Emerald Graves, Emprise Du Lion.

Mission Report:

I’ve played a little short of 6 hours with Dalya since finishing Jaws of Hakkon back in March. Most of that was within the past few days while I reminded myself how to play as an Archer. I’m still feeling the loss of Solas, and my High Dragon killing spree allowed me to tinker with the team ahead of our imminent trip to the Deep Roads.

 I’d only killed 2 of the High Dragons prior to the ending of the game, and the Dragon’s Bane achievement is one of the few I have left to get, so Dalya took the team out and dealt with the Fereldan Frostback, the Gamoran Stormrider, the Northern Hunter, and the Vinsomer (working roughly in order of difficulty, although given I was doing this post-game and DLC, that didn’t hugely matter as the team were way overpowered by comparison).

The game was telling me I only needed 3 more Dragons, so I decided to skip straight to Emprise Du Lion. It’s one of my least favourite regions, so I don’t think I’ve sent Dalya back there since we took Suledin Keep. There was a further delay when I realised we were all out of Rashvine and in need of Frost Resistance potions, so sent the team on an impromptu ramble through the Emerald Graves to collect some.

Now fully prepped, I sent them across the Judicael Crossing where they multi-tasked by taking out Dragons, and clearing out Red Templars to secure the towers.

 They did pop back to camp to swap out Frost Resistance for Fire Resistance (proving I learnt something from the Dragon fight at the end of Jaws of Hakkon) before dealing with the Highland Ravager. Dragons down, Dalya decided to celebrate by falling in the ravine; business as usual. The achievement didn’t pop though, so while the game itself is counting the Jaws of Hakkon dragon as one of the 10, the Xbox achievement is clearly tied to my taking out the Greater Mistral too.

That would have to wait, however, as it was now time to prepare for the Deep Roads. I decided Cass, Blackwall, and Dorian would be my main team, and checked over weapons and armour. A quick look at the Bestiary in my guide shows that the Darkspawn no longer have the vulnerability to cold that made them so easy to kill in DA2, but the flip side was that I could keep their current weapons equipped.

 I’d already made everyone new armour to celebrate defeating the Jaws of Hakkon too, so I’m feeling pretty confident about our preparedness level. Famous last words.

Dalya had Josephine hire Orzammar dwarves to make us a lift so that we could enter the Deep Roads through a fissure at the Storm Coast. I made Dalya and the team walk there from the nearest Storm Coast camp, which meant we got to have a fun warm-up battle with Giant Spiders at Lyrium Falls, before heading through to meet up with Scout Harding. From the higher than usual level of sarcasm I take it she doesn’t like Orzammar; perhaps I’l have one of my other Inquisitors ask. Dalya was all business, and, after some parting advice on how she shouldn’t fall out of the lift, Harding sent her on her way.