Into the Deep

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L27 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:

c. 143


The Deep Roads

Mission Report:

The lift down into the Deep Roads was quite slow, giving Dorian time to offer his suggestions on appropriate elevator music. At the bottom, Dalya was met by Valta, a Shaper, and was able to get a report on the situation (earthquakes destroying the mine and killing miners), and why Orzammar had called in the Inquisition (which boils down to ‘you’re our biggest Lyrium buyer, you have a vested interest’ – my heart broke a little when she said that the Wardens hadn’t answered their call for help though). My trip to Orzammar in Origins left me with the impression that Shapers were all beardy old men, so it was nice to meet a female Shaper.

There was little time for pleasantries, however, as the Darkspawn had broken through the seals in the mine, and we needed to go and help the Legion of the Dead to hold them back. And we were experiencing aftershocks.

The first obstacle was an Ogre. It would appear Ogre’s now have ridiculously high health, so it was a tougher fight than I expected for a first encounter in the Deep Roads, not helped by the distraction of Valta yelling advice on how to defeat it (while I yelled ‘I know how to kill Ogres, I was a Warden!’ at the screen). Once we got past the Ogre it was an easy run to the Legion, who were trying to set charges to blow the tunnel and block the Darkspawn’s access. We fought a few waves of Darkspawn, then Dalya lit the charges while various dwarves yelled at her to hurry up. That’s right guys, leave the explosives to the Elf who’s never been in the Deep Roads before…

With the Darkspawn contained, there was time for introductions. Lieutenant Renn, a veteran of the Blight, is in command. He kind of looks like a miniature Blackwall, and has a sense of humour that made me curse the fact that I let Varric sit this out – the banter would be epic.It emerged that they had been in the Deep Roads for 3 years, escorting Valta while she recovered historical artefacts for the Shaperate. An earthquake prompted the next reveal – that the Dwarves can hear a rhythmn in the quakes, and that Valta believes it to be evidence of a mythical being known as a Titan. It was agreed that we should venture further into the Deep Roads to find the source of the quakes, and with that decided, it was time to set up Camp.

Unlike regular Camps, this one came with an Expedition Table – a miniature War Table which holds missions specific to the Deep Roads. The first order of business was to improve the camp, so that we had amenities like crafting tables, and a merchant. Then I sent Dalya to speak to both Valta and Renn. The conversation revolved around explaining the Shaperate, and the Legion of the Dead – questions that I had Dalya ask, because she wouldn’t know about it, but nothing I didn’t already know from my Warden’s trip to Orzammar. Of course BioWare are allowing for people who haven’t played the earlier games, but I was left hoping we’ll get some expanded lore as we move further into the Deep Roads.

The first section was fairly easy, with just a few scattered Darkspawn to worry about. The focus at this point is on finding the missing cogs to complete the mechanism which opens the ominously-named Gate of Segrummar. They were fairly easy to find, but a thorough exploration also netted us a job for the Expedition Table, and a treasure chest that unlocks through the successful completion of a Tower of Hanoi puzzle; I hate those, and didn’t feel the loot was quite good enough to justify the time I spent puzzling. The enemies got a bit tougher when we went through the door, but once the room was clear, we were done with that level of the Roads. Dalya picked up another mission for the Advisors to look into, and then they examined the corpses of the dead Legionnaires. Renn was furious because the Darkspawn had defiled the corpses, and they couldn’t now be returned to the Stone – an interesting facet of Dwarven belief which was new to me. Valta burned the bodies, which was also interesting, because I thought only humans (and possibly non-Dalish Elves) ever practised cremation in Thedas.With the dead taken care of, it was time to take the lift down to the next level.