Further In and Deeper Down

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L27 Rogue)

Total Hours Played:



The Deep Roads.

Mission Report:

Now that Renn’s part of the team we have in-lift entertainment – on this occasion a reminder not to ingest Darkspawn blood, complete with grisly story. I was again left wishing Varric was there – he’d be taking notes for a  new novel series starring a grim Legionnaire.

We were now in Heidrun Thaig proper, and it’s looking more like my memories of the Deep Roads from previous games, with the Dwarven architecture broken up and largely buried under tunnels made by the local wildlife. Valta had suggested keeping hold of the cogs from the first Gate of Segrummar we encountered, and looking for more, so I sent Dalya down every tunnel we came across. One of the frustrations of the Deep Roads in Origins was the amount of backtracking involved to make sure all quests and loot were acquired, but here the tunnels are mercifully short, and mostly dead ends, or single rooms. We came across a couple more Gates of Segrummar; none of them bar the way to the main quest, but I had Dalya open them anyway. There was generally something nasty behind the doors, but also loot, a map left by a Warden, and additions to the Dwarven mug collection. A broken bridge part way down added another expedition to the table, and I was starting to wonder when I would get to unlock them.

The big fight came towards the end of this level of the Thaig. Doors opened to reveal a room largely consumed by flames, and we were back to fighting hordes of Darkspawn. Helpfully, the game tells you how many of each rank you need to kill before it moves on to the next wave, and mixed groups of enemies only came toward the end, at which point Mark of the Rift became very useful. Not only Ogres, but Emissaries appear to have been beefed up since DA2, but the fact that the map showed us to be near a camp location was definitely motivation to keep going.

Before we could camp, Valta revealed a book dropped by the final Emissary, which seemed to give credence to her Titan theory. It predates the First Blight, and talks about the ‘singing stone’, which could mean Lyrium. This raised an interesting question as to whether the Darkspawn can hear the same rhythmn as the dwarves (Aside: I’m also wondering how this aspect will differ with my Dwarven Inquisitor). In the course of the conversation it also emerged that Valta had been reassigned to research duty for refusing to alter the memories for King Bhelen. When Dalya praised her courage in standing up to authority, Valta replied, “I guess you’d know.” Touché. I also appreciated the fact that Valta called Renn out on only believing her theory once it was validated by a man (the book she found was written by King Garel) – Valta will not take your traditionalist crap, Renn!

They set up a new camp, and I had them travel back to base camp to get all the Expeditions I’d found unlocked. Finally a use for all that Power I’ve been accumulating! The first just redistributed barrels of Dwarven Ale to local Legion of the Dead outposts (good for morale), while the others caused bridges to be built at the marked locations, so that the team could access new areas of Heidrun Thaig.

Since the next step of the Main Quest was taking an ancient lift even deeper into the Deep Roads, I decided we’d take a look at the side passages first (Hey, Dalya already defeated Corypheus; she’s got time on her hands!).

Dalya had been doing a great job of not falling down holes in the Deep Roads, which makes it a shame that I managed to walk her straight of a ledge while trying to find the bridge the Inquisition had just built. On the bright side we can now confirm to Scout Harding that one can indeed fall  a long way down in the Deep Roads.

A long way down.

The bridge to the right of the statue took us to a little house containing mouldy cheese, and an invocation to nugs; the bridge to the left leads to another Gate of Segrummar, behind which lies a Darkspawn Emissary and an enchanted mug with the inscription ‘Bodahn and Sons’ (*does a happy dance*).

It seems we are back on track with the pratfalls, as Dalya managed to fall down the same hole in the bridge going both to and from the second site.

Mind the gap!

This was Heidrun’s tomb, which sits on top of a giant monolith (*Shrek voice* “Do you think he’s compensating for something?”). It felt a little weird to be looting the Dwarven dead while their descendants looked on, but we claimed some of the artefacts for the Shaperate, so I guess that makes us archaeologists and not looters.

The third site is another Gate of Segrummar, and we were out of cogs for the first time. I had Dalya search the burning room, where she fell down another chasm, and found another Gate of Segrummar, but no cogs. A spider’s nest down near the camp yielded a cog, and the body of Kolg, whose notes I’d been collecting, and a search around the camp itself revealed yet another gate. The journal seems to think I’m missing a cog from the Darkspawn warrens, but the rest of them must lie ahead, so we will press on to the Ancient Thaig.