The Beginning of the End

I ended my last post by saying that I would be ok with The Descent being the final piece of DAI DLC. Reader, I lied. I know that now because I’ve seen the trailer for Trespasser, and that’s definitely how I want my DAI journey to end.

I mean: Eluvians, Qunari, getting the gang back together for one last job, Solas! Who doesn’t want all that?

Trespasser will be released on the 8th of September, which gives me just over a week to finish my current playthrough. Of course, since the trailer has revealed that Solas is back, and perhaps even willing to answer some questions, it seems only fair that Dalya Lavellan gets first crack at him; he did break her heart.

After completing The Descent with Dalya, I went back to Angharad (if you were wondering: named for The Rowan, not the Mad Max: Fury Road character). We’ve just beaten Hakkon and crossed the 100 hour mark (meeting Ameridan is actually more fun as an elf because there are more dialogue options). I have a few Inner Circle quests, and the Temple of Dirthamen, to do before I embark on What Pride Hath Wrought. Then I’ll do Descent, and another round up of the side quests, before Doom Upon All the World.

I’ve not been recounting Angharad’s exploits in full, so regular coverage will resume with Dalya when Trespasser releases on the 8th. I hope you’ll join me.