Past Decisions Make All the Difference

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.

Today I had one of the starkest reminders of how different DAI can be, depending on the world state imported from the Keep.

For context, my current playthrough, with human rogue Inquisitor Angharad, is set in my canon world state, where Elissa Cousland married Alistair. After What Pride Had Wrought, I sent Angharad off to consult with Morrigan, expecting to be asked to accompany her to some mystical altar in the Arbor Wilds. Instead I was confronted by Leliana telling me that Morrigan’s son had gone through the Eluvian, and Morrigan had followed him – would I mind hopping through and looking for them?

Instead of finding herself in the hazy, Through-the-Eluvian World, Angharad emerged in the Fade. Never a good sign. Worse, she was unarmed, and wearing her Skyhold pageboy uniform.

This is what Looking Glass Land *should* look like!

A short amount of running later we found Kieran (Morrigan’s son) with Flemeth. How had she found him after all this time? Well, it turns out she’s Mythal, and Morrigan bound herself to Mythal, so Morrigan can never hide herself from Flemeth again. Flemeth offered her an ultimatum – hand over the boy, and be completely free of her forever, or keep him and live in fear, because she intended to take what was due to her. Instead Morrigan offered to become Flemeth’s host (you’ll recall that we learned in DAO that Flemeth extends her lifespan by possessing her daughters) in exchange for Kieran’s freedom.

Old God Baby all grown up.

Seeing Morrigan’s attachment to him, Flemeth took the Old God soul from him, and left, telling Morrigan that souls cannot be forced on the unwilling, and that Morrigan was never in danger from her.

Maternal disappointment at it’s finest.

I’d sort of been ignoring Kieran’s existence, due to residual guilt over making Alistair go through with the Dark Ritual, so the ending to that particular story thread came out of the blue. I was also interested in how differently this quest played out based on this particular backstory. When I played this quest with Dalya and we went to the altar to meet Mythal, my attention was entirely on the news that Flemeth had been carrying Mythal around all along. Of course, I knew that this time around, but the focus of the entire interaction played out around Morrigan as a mother, and what she was prepared to sacrifice for her son’s wellbeing. This kind of moment, where a different choice in a previous game can offer a whole new perpective in a character is why I invest so much time in replaying the Dragon Age games – I feel that I’m part of the storytelling process.

In other news, it came out in all the Trespasser DLC excitement that future updates will include a wardrobe at Skyhold, in response to player requests for different Skyhold outfits, and an option to sync all the schematics, recipes, and collectables you’ve acquired across your different saved games. And we get that for free!

Next up for Angharad is The Descent, and then some final side quests in the Western Approach before we hit Doom Upon All The World. I’m on track to finish in time for Trespasser, and it looks like I’m going to complete all the Shard collections too.