The Inquisitor’s New Clothes

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.

Angharad and I beat Corypheus last night, with a little help from Cass, Varric and Solas (I liked the symmetry of ending things with the same team that had started the journey together). I completed Jaws of Hakkon and the Descent during the game, so barring a few rifts in the Frostback Basin, and a dungeon in the Arbor Wilds of which I wasn’t previously aware, the only unfinished business are collections like the mosaics and the bottles; oh, and a few dragons. I’m pleased to report that I got every last shard though – a feat that feels more impressive than beating Corypheus if I’m honest.

I took Varric with me for The Descent this time. Despite my guilt at taking him into the Deep Roads, it was worth it for the additional dialogue, as he chimed in on conversations with Renn and Valta (“Ah, the old ‘falling into the sky’ routine.” was my personal favourite). Having recently completed his side quest with Bianca, who tells you that she believes the Red Lyrium is somehow alive, because only living things can be blighted, I was a little disappointed that neither he nor Angharad made that connection. On the other hand, I made the connection and got to sit here and feel all clever for piecing it together – basically, there’s a blighted Titan out there somewhere.

The updates I mentioned in my last post were released yesterday, so I was able to select suitably festive attire for the post-battle celebrations.

Gold armour is all the rage in Thedas.

The wardrobe is actually a chest of drawers labelled wardrobe, so don’t panic if, like me, you walk into your room in Skyhold and don’t initially see it. I haven’t examined all of the sartorial options just yet – the menu is like the ones for Skyhold decorations, so trying different outfits on is a bit more time-consuming than equipping armour in the inventory. I would have liked a few dresses to choose from in amongst the many variations of trouser suits, and uniforms, but I appreciate that this is something the team has pulled together in response to player feedback, while also working on DLC, so they had limited time to put into this. There are enough options there to give each of my Inquisitor’s their own style, so on the whole I’m happy. Mike Laidlaw tweeted that the wardrobe options won’t affect the formal wear for the Winter Palace because the mechanism for that outfit is different.

Post-game I popped down to the Undercroft to find the Golden Nug and sync my collectables. I need to load up my last save for Dalya and do the same, so that I can share them between the two completed play throughs. I’m undecided yet as to whether I’ll sync to my other games in progress – it sort of feels like cheating.

The other change that came with the update was that new achievements have been added ahead of Trespasser. I had a quick look at them, and am suitably intrigued. I’m hoping that the fact that there are significantly more achievements up for grabs than for the last two pieces of DLC means we’re in for a meaty story, or at least one with good replay value. I’m resisting the temptation to search for spoilers (I’m aware they’re out there) – only 4 more days to go!