Winter Palace Reunion

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (Rogue)


The Winter Palace

Mission Report:

Interacting with this new mission on the War Table reminded me that Leliana is now Divine Victoria, and gives a stern warning that this is the point of no return. I’d spent the past few days tidying up loose ends in Dalya’s playthrough, so it was time to get started on her final hurrah.

We began with a ridiculous parade up to the Winter Palace, which gave Josie a chance to brief us: Orlais would like to control the Inquisition, while Ferelden just wants to disband us. Inside the Palace, Dalya was greeted by Mother Giselle who has apparently been working with refugees in Emprise du Lion. When questioned on Leliana’s rule, she comments that few dare disagree with the Divine. She also mentioned that Dalya’s friends are all there, and that Dorian is the Tevinter Ambassador, going on to say that she owes him an apology, and she’ll make it publicly; all my ill-will toward her on Dorian’s behalf disappeared instantly. Before they parted ways, she asked Dalya what she thinks should happen to the Inquisition. I had Dalya tell her that they still have work to do. Not sure how this will affect the outcome.

Next it was time to catch up with friends. I went to see Josie first, who had actually scheduled time for us to chat idly. She also had a mystery trip lined up for the evening. It turned out to be opera. Dalya mostly responded with bewilderment, and the sentiment that it was nice to see Josie enjoying herself. Clearly neither Dalya nor I are cultured enough to find opera relaxing.

Next was Varric, whose reconstruction efforts had caused the Kirkwall nobility to find the worst possible job for him – Viscount. Bran was present (and looking rather the worse for wear) as Seneschal. He was very put out when Varric proceeded to grant Dalya the title of Comtesse, an estate in Hightown, and the Key to the City – not least because the key actually operates one of the chain nets in Kirkwall harbour. All this largesse was making me nervous, and it turned out that Varric was thinking about Dalya’s post-Inquisition future, which is just adorable.

True to form, Cole, Sera, and Bull were camped out in the Tavern. Cole was watching over Maryden, and amused himself by setting her up with Krem. For some reason Bull was bartending, and Dalya had to distract him while the Chargers brought in a Dragon Skull for his birthday. Bull claims that he knew what was going on because he was Ben-Hassrath, but given how terrible Dalya was as a distraction, I think he’s overselling his skills. Sera insisted on pranking people in order to break the tension. It turns out she’d been thinking of Dalya’s future too, and offered her a place as a Friend of Red Jenny. It seemed like a good fallback if the Inquisitoring is about to end, so Dalya accepted. They celebrated with a night of drinking in which Sera may have smashed Maryden’s lute for singing ‘that creepy song’.

Things took a serious turn when we met with Cass, until it turned out that Varric had somehow convinced her that Dalya was planning on proposing to someone (I couldn’t face asking who), and she was left fuming that he’d fooled her again. Cass then told Dalya that she should make the most of the good things that happen, because so little of what happened with the Inquisition was her choice, and left me all misty-eyed. We then took a detour through what may have been the best shop I’ve seen in-game since The Wonders of Thedas, after which we met up with Blackwall, who’s now going by Thom Rainier. He’s been tracking down the soldiers of his old command to apologise, so it was a gloomy conversation.

We found Cullen playing with a Mabari. I’m both delighted for him, and incredibly jealous. I’d been wondering why I was collecting expensive dog treats, and it turns out that if you place them in the basket next to them you get additional Constitution (you can also straighten the paintings in the various buildings for added Strength). Dalya then went to join Vivienne, only to find that she’d booked a Spa day. I was feeling charitable toward her, even though she wouldn’t explain the cheese wheels, until her complete lack of empathy on the topic of Solas (‘mustn’t dwell on mistakes, dear’).

I found Dorian sassing Duke Cyril Montfort, Lord of Chateau Haine; who I immediately distrusted because, well, Chateau Haine. He said very pretty things, but Dorian’s ‘net and collar’ comment seems more likely. Arl Teagan was there as Fereldan Ambassador. He ‘s looking old. Leliana, on the other hand, looks radiant, and promised to help. Teagan was refreshingly direct – Ferelden is not happy about the army on its borders.

We checked in on Dorian to find an impromptu party, which ended abruptly when the others realised Dalya hadn’t heard the news; Dorian is leaving for good, as his father has been assassinated and he’s now the Magister of House Pavus. He did give Dalya an excellent parting gift though – a magic crystal that will let them talk whenever they want – and repeated his assertion that she’s his dearest, probably only, friend.

Another brief chat with Leliana cleared the optional quest to catch up with friends. Her take on the Exalted Council was that they’re not afraid of private armies or spymasters – just the Herald. She suggested that it may be time for Inquisition to end, but promised to stand by Dalya whatever she decides. With that, visiting time was over, and the Exalted Council could begin.