Through the Looking Glass

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (Rogue)


The Winter Palace, The Crossroads, Elven Ruin, Bridge, Smoking Tower, Silent Tower, Forgotten Sanctuary, Hidden Armory.

Mission Report:

Thankfully we were spared speeches, as the game dropped us into the middle of proceedings. Arl Teagan has become whiny in his old age, and I allowed Dalya to answer his questions about Caer Bronach with sarcasm. Shall we give it back to the bandits, Teagan? Shall we?

Just as Dalya was about to start banging her head on the desk, a guard arrived to say that Divine Victoria would like a quiet word. ‘The Divine Victoria who’s sitting up there?’ Dalya asked, perplexed. ‘The Divine Victoria who used to be your spymaster,’ the guard replied while Leliana glared at us for being slow. In fairness to her, a dead Qunari in full armour in the Winter Palace was probably a good reason to pause. Leliana announced that he was one of the Antaam, and had marks of both magic and blade on him. Apparently, she’d already asked Bull for his input, and he was clueless, so she went back to stall the Council while Dalya investigated, and I wondered how Leliana had managed to get out of the Palace and do a full sweep of the crime scene before us; and in that ridiculous outfit too.

Dalya followed the blood trail that all the courtiers were ignoring (says a lot about daily life in the Palace) up several trellises to an active Eluvian. She wasn’t going through it alone, so Dorian, Blackwall, and Cole were invited along. It’s a good thing that Dalya announced that we were in the Crossroads because it looks exactly nothing like the place we visited with Morrigan. There were several mirrors; one led to a library where we fought demons and looted the first part of The Taken Shape, another was inactive, and a third led into an Elven Ruin, filled with more dead Qunari, some of which had been firebombed by what Dorian assured me was a powerful Mage.

Through the next Eluvian we arrived on a bridge, from which we could see an island full of Qunari, a broken statue, a broken mirror, and no way across. We took the remaining Eluvian to a ‘smoking tower’. Because that’s not ominous at all.

We found a number of Elven-bound spirits, and Dorian commented that the magic there felt very old. The spirit spoke Elvish of course (I did pick out the word Fen’Harel though), and sadly Dalya’s Elvish was not up to scratch, so they attacked. After defeating them, we examined a nearby mosaic, which interacted with the Anchor. A codex called Wolf’s Welcome popped up, and we learned that we had arrived at a refuge for Elven slaves created by Fen’Harel. Dalya commented that this doesn’t fit with Dalish legends about the Dread Wolf at all.

The mosaic had moved to reveal another Eluvian, and we went through into the Silent Tower, where we found more dead Qunari, and more spirits; these ones ran away though. Another mosaic made the claim that Fen’Harel was not a God, merely mortal. It opened onto stairs leading down, with a creepy dungeon vibe. At the bottom, another dead Qunari lay next to yet another mosaic. This one claimed that the Enuvaris (the Elven gods) were just powerful mortal mages. We entered the room it revealed, and the Anchor got an upgrade – it can now generate focus on its own, can be used to light up the room, and makes the party briefly invulnerable. Dalya tried out the new lightbulb effect and discovered a broken statue that should fit on the pedestal seen earlier. At which point Spirit warriors attacked.

We retraced our steps and raised the bridge. The game now suggested we make contact with Qunari. They attacked; I guess that’s contact. At this point I finally realised that I hadn’t re-equiped Dalya’s armour, so she’d been doing all this in her Orlesian Formal Wear. Oops. On entering into the Forgotten Sanctuary we found the Qunari fighting the Spirit Warriors. Apparently we now had to kill everyone. Which we did, then pondered why the Qunari are attacking on sight. Blackwall noted that the Qunari always have orders, while Dorian was amused that the Inquisition and Tevinter now have something in common. Up some stairs we found a large wolf statue, an inscription and veilfire. Braziers line a mosaic about Fen’Harel removing slave Vallaslin, leading Dalya to comment on what Solas told her when he removed hers. We then faffed about lighting braziers with veilfire until I realised that the inscription is the clue to which brazier to light. Pressed the button on the wolf statue, and presto – it slid away to reveal another staircase (I should have looted the box on the statue at this point but I didn’t spot that it opened).

At the bottom of the stairs we found a final mosaic, which covered the removal of slave Vallaslin for those of us who weren’t dating Solas, leading Dorian to comment that the Enuvaris were basically Magisters. This mosaic revealed the Hidden Armory, and a final group of Qunari. Some looting, after their untimely deaths, revealed their orders (infiltration of the Winter Palace), and that a masked Mage who seemed to know the place had been travelling through the Eluvians waking the Sentinels (so I’m guessing that would be Solas). With information on the Qunari plot, it was time to head back to the Winter Palace, and speak to the Advisors.