The Adventure Continues (With Added Explosions!)

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (Rogue)


The Winter Palace, The Deep Roads, Vir Dirthara.

Mission Report:

Back at the makeshift War Table someone set up (I’m betting Josie – she’s so efficient), we discussed matters with the Advisors. Cullen was having a hard time not being overly respectful to Leliana, while Josie had to pointedly remind the Divine that she’s no longer the Inquisition spymaster. Good times.

I had Dalya go and do a little round up of the Companions at this point. Varric mentioned that Hawke was still in Weisshaupt, and he had money on her walking away from the place as it exploded. Cass is rebuilding the Seekers, no surprise there. Bull was teasing Krem about his romance with Maryden (‘I’d hate for you to get burned; because then you’d be Krem Brulee!’). Blackwall was the only one other than Vivienne to ask about Solas; in return we asked about him and Josie, which he brushed off as an infatuation he’s now over. Dorian took the time to remind Dalya that he told her no one would thank her. Cole said that Dalya’s hand hurts, and something about it being like the final verse of the song. Disturbing as ever.

I took Dorian, Cass, and Blackwall back to the Crossroads. We arrived in time to see the Qunari creating a path to a new Eluvian. Upon investigation of the red Faberge egg things which appeared near the new path, we figured out how to create paths of our own, and fought more demons for more pieces of The Taken Shape (I note that there is an achievement, thank you). We backtracked to the Eluvian the Qunari went through, to find ourselves in the Deep Roads. In fairly short order we came across a former Templar who’d joined the Qun in Kirkwall, and was having second thoughts now that the Qunari were mining raw lyrium with gaatlok, and feeding it to their Sarebaas. Their goal is apparently to ‘save the south’, basically code for ‘invasion’, and he was adamant that the Viddasala must be stopped. He also let them know that the Qunari think that the Inquisition work for Fen’Harel. His suggestion: find and prime all the gaatlok to blow the mine. There was an option to kill the Templar guy, but Dalya let him leave (not that he gets very far, we would later stumble over his body on the way back out).

We then trekked on through the Deep Roads fighting Qunari and blowing stuff up. At one point a stealthed Qunari started doing creepy ‘Are you afraid of the dark, Inquisitor?’ mind games, to which I was like ‘Well, no, let me show you my magical hand’. Once all the gaatlok was destroyed, the mine started coming down around us, and we had to retrace our steps before it flooded, and trapped us. Along the way we discovered some notes by an Elven Viddathari, which suggest the place was originally mined by Elves, (or at least owned by Elves who may have had Dwarves mining for them). Hence all the statues of Fen’Harel and Mythal, and the presence of Eluvians.

On our return, the ambassadors burst in to say that  one of our guards had attacked a servant. Arl Teagan was particularly stroppy about it all, while the Orlesians were mostly outraged that the Inquisition was conducting an investigation on their turf. A highly suspicious barrel made Dalya take the servant into custody, and the guard handed over a label with strange writing – definitely gaatlok then. Leliana apparently speaks some Qunari now, so was able to confirm. Her theory was that all leadership in the South would be targetted, leaving it ripe for Qunari invasion, and she promised to follow up on the threat with her contacts. We checked in with Bull who was frustrated that he didn’t know what was going on, but was able to confirm that these are specialist troops, who must be desperate if they’re using Eluvians. Sera reckoned the servants were still weird; her diary keeps getting updated and is actually quite handy.

Our lead on the Viddasala took us to Vir Dirthara, an Elven library. An archivist spirit explained that it was a repository of knowledge for the empire, containing the libraries of every city, and the wisdom of every court. The Ancient Elves built in both the Fade and the World, and the paths broke when they were sundered by the Veil. It also warned us that an unknown person had woken the librarians, and that they were ‘unwell’. The Qunari were on an upside down section of the library, so we needed to raise walkways to get there, using more of those Faberge eggs. In doing so we came across another archivist memory suggesting Fen’Harel was the one to create the Veil; yet another told us that in doing so he weakened magic itself by sundering the Fade from the World. Also worth noting that we came across a possible final chapter of Hard in Hightown – should I tell Varric?

On raising the final walkway the Anchor got an upgrade, and we arrived back in the Courtyard where despair demons started manifesting; the librarians then. Cole being Cole, called out a cheery hello. We defeated them, and went through the next Eluvian to meet the Viddasala. She explained that she is charged with dealing with magical threats, and explicitly coming after the Herald because of the Anchor, but also that the Qun planned to assassinate the leaders of the South in response to the Breach in order to ‘save those who toil’. The Agent of Fen’Harel interrupted their plans by pushing the dying Qunari into the Palace. She seems to think he works for the Inquisition, but won’t say why (so it must be Solas because he was with the Inquisition).

We made short work of the Antaam she left to deal with us, learning that the Qunari found out what Fen’Harel did (though possibly not that he was the one who did it), and are researching how to strengthen the Veil further. We looted the Keystone of Daarvarad (where the Viddasala claimed to be heading), and an archivist was able to tell us the words to use with it. Apparently just by being in Vir Dirthara, Dalya had strengthened the paths, enabling the archivist to open one for us. It was time to head back to the Winter Palace again.