CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (Rogue)


The Winter Palace, The Crossroads, The Daarvarad.

Mission Report:

Back at the War Table, Leliana had bad news: the Qunari plot wouldn’t help matters with the Exalted Council because Qunari spies had infiltrated the Inquisition, and got the gaatlok into the Winter Palace on our supply manifest. Dalya suggested that things were still fixable, at which point Josie flipped out over what the investigation had already cost us in terms of negotiation with the Council. Cullen felt that we were right to ignore politics if it meant fixing things. The Anchor was flaring up painfully at this point, but Dalya brushed it off, and declared that she would end this plot, but that they should tell the summit, so they knew what to expect if she failed. Leliana agreed, and said it was her task to tell them.

After a brief pause to send up some fireworks from the gardens (I have no idea what purpose this served, but hey, fireworks!) it was back to the Crossroads for what would be the final time. Cass mentioned that Leliana had told them that the Anchor was getting worse, and the team paused for some heartfelt goodbyes, at which point I was glad I had Dorian along, as his relentless positivity balances out Blackwall’s dourness.

We were finally able to go through the Eluvian opposite the Winter Palace exit, which had been locked until now. The Daarvarad appears to be some sort of fortress, location uncertain. We made our way through a number of Qunari, with occasional pauses for Dalya to gasp and grab her hand as the Anchor flared up. Cass took the time to ponder why they had called a plan to assassinate world leaders ‘Dragons Breath’ and I had a sudden hunch about what we might find further in. First, we had a research tower to loot, in which it seemed that they had been investigating, among other things, red lyrium. There was a letter to The-Elf-Who-Is-Tallis, about her doubts, and several veilfire braziers that I couldn’t figure out until I realised that the tower had a ground floor level that I’d missed. Again the inscription on the stone on the balcony would probably have saved me some running up and down stairs, but I finally figured out the order, and looted the wolf statue.

Then I had to figure out how to open the gate mechanism, this time with no inscription to help me. Unlike every other winch thing that I can remember in the game, you only turn each one enough to move the spikes out of the way of the door, rather than a full rotation; which sounds really obvious, but was learnt with much frustration and swearing. Inside, we killed yet more Qunari, and found a note referring to Dragon’s Breath being extracted from ‘the specimen’. A search of the study revealed a crumpled letter indicating that the Triumvirate had not approved an attack on the South, which has interesting connotations for the future (also I was getting quite cross with the Arishok who used to be my Sten for starting an invasion; even if he did warn the Warden that it would happen eventually). Cass managed to find a copy of Swords and Shields; since the Qunari appear to be stockpiling items that might open Eluvians (as per Morrigan’s assertion that anything might be a key), I have to wonder where they thought that might take them.

After that we fought our way through the Qunari to the dragon. Dorian felt that we should kill it, if it was that important to the Qunari, while Cass said that it had been tortured enough, and should be freed. I wanted to do the latter, but the device got blocked, and I couldn’t figure out how to unblock it to move the rings out of the dragon’s path.1 Dalya had been running around long enough that everyone’s health was low, so we put the dragon out of her misery, and dealt with the remaining Qunari.

We chased the Viddasala to yet another Eluvian, where she paused to inform Dalya that the Inquisition was clearly working with the Agents of Fen’Harel, and listed all the things Solas had helped to do as proof – it does paint a pretty damning picture. Dalya replied that it made no sense, because Solas wanted the orb for himself, so wouldn’t have given it to Corypheus (well, actually…). Solas was the one to push the Qunari into the Winter Palace and alert Dalya to the plot, so the Viddasala planned to kill him. Since she’s in love with Solas, Dalya was obviously going to want to save him, but I went with the ‘I have to save him!’ option, because I wasn’t convinced that the others would be on board with it. Cue massive disapproval from all present, but disembodied approval from Cole. Dalya’s line did make me laugh though: ‘That’s why Solas left, he’s been fighting the Qunari all this time. We have to save him.’ Oh, honey…

No one at this point seemed to know that he is Fen’Harel. Would he finally come clean? Only one way to tell, so through the Eluvian they went.

1. I later learned that I needed to jump onto the cart which was blocking the ring, before unleashing the Anchor, so that the gaatlok explodes and clears the path.