CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (Rogue)


The Winter Palace.

Mission Report:

On the other side of the Eluvian we reached what I assume is Solas’ Mind Palace. The Anchor suddenly discharged wildly, blasting everyone’s health. A pop-up advised that it now needs to be discharged regularly or will do so at random, injuring my allies. Good job there’s all these Qunari to kill then. Cass, typically, was kicking herself because she didn’t know Solas was an Agent of Fen’Harel. I would have liked an option to ask how, short of him wearing a badge saying ‘Ask me about the Dread Wolf’, she could possible have known.

Several groups of regular Qunari later we ran into a gigantic Sarebaas called Saarath. Just as we got it’s health right down, it broke it’s chains and disappeared, which was worrying. The power from the Anchor was sending Dalya sprawling every time we hit the Qunari with it, and I was suddenly wondering if she might really die if I didn’t get to Solas in time. Saarath then reappeared as the Viddasala’s last line of defence. Clearly the retreat earlier was all part of the cunning plan, and I decided I’d quite like it if Solas would kill the Viddasala for me. It’s seemed like the least he could do.

Fighting Saarath was a bit of a grind, given he spams a fairly hefty barrier, and has apparently learned to summon demons through little rifts (pretty sure they were supposed to be learning how to strengthen the Veil, so I’m guessing this Sarebaas was doing a little independent study). Once he was down, we headed for the Eluvian, but it closed behind Dalya, leaving the others on the other side. She made her way through a number of petrified Qunari (and I mean that in the literal ‘turned to stone’ sense), and followed the sounds of Qunari yelling to Solas and the Viddasala, who he also petrifies because she won’t go away.

Dalya called out to Solas, and the Anchor flared up. He was kind enough to heal the hand briefly, so that they would have time to talk. And he admits to being Fen’Harel, though he says that he was Solas first, and took the insulting name, bestowed by the Evanuris, as a badge of pride. He explains that he freed the Elven people, and in so doing, destroyed their world. The Evanuris killed Mythal – who Solas says was one of them, but the only one who cared for and protected her people. It was a step too far, so he dealt with them. The Veil seemed like a better alternative than letting the Evanuris destroy the world, but creating the Veil destroyed everything that was built with both Fade and World (like Vir Dirthara). Not only that, Elves didn’t become mortal because of human contact, but because of the Veil. In trying to save his people, Solas took everything from them.

Dalya then asked about the future. Solas said that there was hope for restoration; that he plans to save the Elven people ‘even if it means this world must die’. Dalya immediately offered to help, but he turned her down, saying that it was a path that led to death, and he didn’t want her to see what he’ll become. He admits that he allowed the Venatori to steal the Orb because he was too weak to open it himself. He didn’t know Corypheus was effectively immortal, but had expected him to die, at which point Solas would have reclaimed the Orb, torn down the Veil, and restored the world of the Elves. Dalya queried whether this would free the false gods, to which he replied: ‘I had plans.’ He says that Dalya showed him he was wrong about people (he initially felt that the disconnection from the Fade was like walking through a world of Tranquil), and that makes what comes next harder for him.

Solas claims that the Inquisition was entirely of Dalya’s making, but admits that it seemed like a good way to deal with Corypheus. And he warns Dalya to be concerned with the Inquisition, which is already plagued with betrayal and corruption; he knows because his spies found the Qunari spies. He helped because, while he plans to destroy the world as it is, he believes that the people deserved to live their final years in peace, and not under the Qun. Solas also confirms that he now controls the Eluvians (Felassan was his agent, and when he was unwilling to take the key from Briala, Solas overrode the magic to take the labyrinth back; the Qunari stumbled into a section independently, and with the Viddasala dead, all Eluvians’s now belong to Solas). Because that’s not terrifying.

Finally Dalya asked about the Anchor, and Solas says that they are running out of time – the mark will kill her, but by drawing her to him he can save her, at least for now. Dalya tells him that she’s not going to give up on him (well, that’s the option I picked, but I don’t speak Elven so for all I know she ordered 2 lattes and a muffin). There’s a kiss, a poignant ‘I will never forget you,’ and he leaves. Again.1

It was now time to get back to the Exalted Council. Dalya strode back in, now missing an arm, to the sound of Teagan whinging that the Inquisition was the root of all evil, and Montfort muttering that we’re a glorified mercenary band. There was then an option to disband or keep the Inquisition – disbanding makes us secure, but weaker against Solas, while serving the Divine makes us stronger against Solas, but open to corruption. I felt that Dalya would have taken Solas’ point about corruption in the ranks seriously, and opted to say that our work was done. A final scene showed the group gathering – Varric handing Cass a book2 – then, one by one, the companions walk away, leaving Dalya staring at the scar in the sky.

Some sketches followed, detailing what everyone went on to do. Dalya and Sera apparently claimed that they would settle down to normal lives, but actually continued to do good, and have fun, as Friends of Red Jenny. Dalya sometimes saw Solas in her dreams, but when she reached for him, he was gone: “Still she searched, and dreamed, and waited for a way to change the Dread Wolf’s heart.”

Then, in a pre-credits teaser (this is Marvel’s gift to the world, right?), Cass, Leliana (in spymaster garb), and Harding meet with Dalya in what appears to be a basement somewhere. Leliana points out that Solas knows everything about us, and Cass that we have no allies, or resources, with the Inquisition disbanded. Dalya announces that we will find people he doesn’t know, and save Solas from himself, before stabbing a dagger into a map of the Tevinter Imperium.

And then it was over (but seriously, stay for the credits 😉 ).

1. For those who have low approval with Solas there’s an option to pick a much briefer (and kind of hilarious) version of this conversation (linking here for those who, like me, are unlikely to see it in game).
2. Sit through the credits and all will be made clear.