Final Thoughts on Trespasser

CAUTION – This post contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check out the Dragon Age website for information on the game.


Dalya Lavellan (L27 Rogue)

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Final Mission Report:

It’s been about a week since I finished Trespasser, and I felt I needed to let the dust settle while I reflected on the end of the Inquisition adventure. Playing through Trespasser was both a joyful, and sorrowful experience. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments to be had with the Companions, there was the tension of knowing that we would eventually catch up with Solas, and the tantalising drip feed revelation of actual Elven history, but through it all I carried that sinking feeling in my stomach, like it was the last day of a holiday, as my enjoyment was tempered by the knowledge that I would be saying goodbye to this story, and these characters. Assuming that we get a Dragon Age 4 (which the Dragon Age team are not even discussing at present) some of them may return, but as I learned from having Varric on my team a second time, it’s never quite the same (Varric was still Hawke’s best friend, so has never had that kind of closeness with my Inquisitors).

This was another short DLC (though I’m aware that I missed a few side things in my initial 8 hour run, and there are still a few mysteries to unravel), but what it’s missing in scope of exploration, it more than makes up for in the depth of the lore that is presented to us. The revelations made in Trespasser completely change everything we thought we knew about the Fade, the Veil, magic, and the Elves. To quote Sera: “The Dalish. Are Going. To. Shit. Themselves.” I’m also impressed by the sleight of hand that went on; no wonder Corypheus was such a pushover – Fen’Harel has been the one pulling everyone’s strings. And am I the only one who’s a bit terrified by the ease with which he takes advantage of the unexpected (shepherding the Inquisition, manipulating the Qunari)? We’re left with a nice set-up for the yet-to-be-discussed future stories set in Thedas: we know Solas’ plan, we’ve settled the fate of the Inquisition, and we’ve had a strong hint that the next location we’re likely to visit is the Tevinter Imperium. Which makes me think that, of the three DLC story additions to Inquisition, this one is definitely the most vital to own when it comes to future games.

While blogging through my initial run of Trespasser, I ran it again with Angharad, my only other ‘complete’ Inquisitor. Seeing the differences made by even quite subtle choices makes me excited to play Trespasser again when I’ve completed the main game with other Inquisitors. The fear is that it will bias me toward certain options – I felt Thom Rainier was much happier as Warden; and the fact that Dorian saw his father a few times before he died seemed to give him some closure that was lacking in my first playthrough – it will be tempting to give them what, to me, seem the happier endings. I’m also curious to see the differences with the different romance options – will the option to offer to help Solas be there for all Dalish Inquisitors, or just the ones who romanced him? And while I had a mushy moment over Cullen’s adorably awkward proposal, I was more touched by the subtle interactions that were added in (the Inquisitor being mentioned in Mia’s letter, the hug when her hand is paining her in the final meeting with the Advisors), and look forward to seeing these kinds of moments for the other romances.

That second run has also made me think a little harder about the ending of Trespasser. I’ve noted that a Dalish Inquisitor, at least if they are in a romance with Solas, has an opportunity to offer to help him when he reveals that he plans to remove the Veil. His refusal is entirely personal – he doesn’t want someone that he loves to see what he may become if he takes this path. In the final interaction, the only options are to promise to change his mind, or to stop him at all costs. But to some of the Dalish (and judging by reactions from a few fellow Twitterers), the goal is a worthy one in itself, and they would surely want to help. In that sense it was disappointing that the Inquisitor was left in opposition to Solas. Of course I can headcanon that disbanding the Inquisition works to his advantage, and that Dalya is just going to sit around and let the end come, but the game’s ending doesn’t quite allow freedom for that.

I’m also curious for what this might mean for future games. The credits teaser could be interpreted as setting up for a sequel where the Inquisitor attempts to stop Solas, and I hope that’s not what happens because one of the strengths of the Dragon Age franchise is that we are given a new protagonist each time. Having the Inquisitor appear as an ally, or opponent, in a future game, much as Hawke did in Inquistion, would be bearable, but I’m ready for a new perspective, and new companions.

Until then, I’ll be replaying Inquisition, and devouring any new stories, comic books, and novels, that the Dragon Age team care to devise for us.