When we got our first tantalising glimpse of Mass Effect: Andromeda I decided to set up a Mass Effect blog (companion to my existing Dragon Age blog) in order to post my eventual first playthrough of Andromeda. My enthusiasm cooled when I realised that I would end up with two incredibly specific blogs, and it would be far easier to condense everything videogame-related onto one blog. The only problem being that I had called my Dragon Age blog ‘Dicing with Dragons’, which doesn’t really work when detailing my ineptitude at space marine laser battles. Eventually, I set up a separate blog (this one), imported everything from the Dragon Age blog, and then let it sit as a private site for six months because I couldn’t summon up the energy to go and fix all the links.

[Which actually spared the world 2 weeks of my ranting about ‘Adventures in Fantasy Boy-band Babysitting’1, so congrats to Past Me, and you’re very welcome.]

Among all the other end of year ruminations, it occurred to me that I should get the blog up and running since we’re mere months away from Andromeda’s release. I fixed the links, I tweaked the look of the site, and then, in my excitement, I deleted the old Dragon Age site without telling anyone that I’d moved the content. Which is gutting, because there were actual people following it (like, at least 2 that I know were real people). Ah, well. If it was meant to be then they’ll find me again.

Anyway, there will be no regular posting schedule until Andromeda lands, at which point updates will be both daily, and spoilery. Possible topics until then include feverish speculation on what the little we know about Andromeda might mean, and an occasional foray into Neverwinter Online, but I make no promises.
1. You may know it as Final Fantasy XV