A Shepard for Every Occasion

Having introduced you to my canon Shep, Natalia, it seemed only fair to highlight the other iterations of Shepard that I put significant play time into.

While the saved games are gone, these Shepards were important enough to have entries in my Mass Effect notebook*, so, yes, I spent a little time recreating them for you to see:

Charis Shepard

Spacer, Sole Survivor, Adept. Total Paragon; apart from an incident involving an obnoxious merc and a tall building.

Elena Shepard

Colonist, War Hero, Infiltrator. Loves sniper rifles. And Garrus.

Rowan Shepard

Colonist, Ruthless, Engineer. Renegade Shep who screwed over the Krogan.

Ava Shepard

Earthborn, Ruthless, Sentinel. Ava has the distinction of being the only other Shepard with whom I completed ME3.

Saraidh Shepard

Earthborn, War Hero, Soldier. The only time I played a soldier Shep. 

What, no MShep?

I tried. Once. I think we even got as far as the Citadel. To me, Shepard just isn’t Shepard unless voiced by Jennifer Hale. YMMV.

One small spoiler…

… that did slip through was that we’ll be able to specify who our Shepard was in Andromeda. I’m assuming that it will be cosmetic – correctly gendering Shep on the odd occasion they’re mentioned- but it’s a nice touch. I’ve always liked that Shepard’s background choices are very bare bones, and have tended to fill in the details for myself while playing (for example, explaining to myself how Rowan and Elena have the same initial background, but one was party to a massacre, while the other became a hero). 

While the details of Shepard’s background may not make much difference in game, they will give me context for the universe I’m playing in, which all adds to the experience. 


*Don’t you have a Mass Effect notebook?