One Small Step, Etc.

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Habitat 7


Esme’s rough landing cracked the face plate of her helmet; luckily omni-tools can fix that. No comms, but Liam showed up immediately so at least she had back-up.

The only hazards at this point were lightning strikes and glowing mushrooms, and the path was fairly linear, clearly by design as the game helpfully suggested Esme scan, shoot, sprint, and generally get to grips with how everything works. Notwithstanding all the instructions, I, of course, kept pressing A to interact with things.

Know your mushrooms!

Search for Survivors

Eventually we spotted the remains of the shuttle, and Fisher being menaced by some unknown aliens. Liam was rusty on First Contact protocol – I guess he didn’t read the manual. Esme clued him in. Then came decision time – go in, guns blazing, or follow procedure. Esme’s been very logical so far, so we followed the protocol. Then the aliens shot at us.

Once we’d taken them out, Fisher had good news and bad news: the others were still alive, but his leg was broken so he was going nowhere. Esme and Liam pressed on to find Kirkland and Greer (off scouting), and locate the other shuttle.

We found Kirkland attempting to surrender to more unknown aliens, in the wreckage of a crashed alien ship. Once again, the aliens shot first. Esme and Liam took them down, but too late for Kirkland. Apparently these Eden Prime guys can’t catch a break. A little detective work [I am loving the scanner] on the crash site revealed that the aliens were shipping in supplies of some kind.

Then Liam spotted a cave. Beyond the glowing mushrooms was a tree, and some kind of indigenous giant lobster dead in a trap. The original scans were right; the mystery is what happened to the planet to change it all.

On a path up to the left of the cave a strange radio signal led them to Greer, who had been cornered by yet more aliens. No human fatalities this time, but Greer voted to head back to Fisher at the crash site rather than join Esme.

Recon Specialist at Work

I’m struggling a bit with the move from mini-map to a compass, because I like to be able to see map points in relation to each other. I guess I’ll just have to stop and open the main map a bit more often than I’m used to. I did manage to navigate to an alien lab, where they wandered around in the dark, and Esme freaked Liam out by playing with every alien device they came across. Hey, she got the lights on.

Getting the power on also opened a door, and we discovered that our new trigger-happy friends have been doing a spot of archaeology on some ancient alien sites, and discovered some kind of dangerous power source [At least we now know where the Ark of the Covenant ended up, right?]. The door was being protected by some kind of robot – so synthetic troubles aren’t confined to the Milky Way then.

There were more of them waiting to shoot us outside, but I finally figured out which button Charge was mapped to [combat is stressful, ok!?!], which sped things up considerably.

Second Shuttle

A little further along we made contact with the other shuttle; repaired, but currently surrounded by aliens. Esme and Liam charged in and saved the day. For about 5 minutes. Then shuttles full of the damned things started dropping in. I was mostly annoyed because Esme had just picked up a shotgun, and I didn’t get a chance to check for a way to swap out weapons before we were back in the fight.

Esme had avoided death thus far, despite a close shave with one of those cloaking lizard beast things. In this fight she charged at the ‘heavy’ unknown alien, had to retreat, landed in a pool of toxic gunk [thanks BioWare], and died. More than once, because apparently I don’t learn from my mistakes. To add insult to fatality, Liam yelled “Where are you going? The fight’s back here” every time she died.

Once the fight was over, we found that Hayes was badly injured, but had got comms back up. Dr. Carlyle could keep her stable for now, but the pressure was on to find a way off the planet. Luckily Ryder Sr. was back in contact with some ideas on how to do it. Bonus: a quick search of the camp netted us some omni-gel [she said casually. OMG, GUYS! OMNI-GEL!!!].

So that’s where all the omni-gel went!

Crew Dossiers (CONFIDENTIAL):


Seems not everyone knows she’s a Biotic. Guess that ties in to how powerful her biotics are supposed to be.


Had a pretty intense reaction to Kirkland’s death, which is interesting because the conversations back on the Hyperion made it seem like the Pathfinder team don’t know each other that well yet. Shall we take bets on how tragic his backstory is?

Priority Mission:

Get off this planet with all remaining crew intact!