WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.

Continued from The Nexus.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

The Nexus; Ark Hyperion


Missions and Mutiny

The Nexus offered a couple of other missions: an investigation into sabotage on the Nexus, and an appeal to clear the name of Andromeda’s first murderer. I also sent out a strike team [actually a single soldier called Juliet] to protect engineering personnel.

Accounts of the mutiny on the Nexus don’t quite mesh. Addison tried to avoid talking about it; Tann implied that sabotage started as soon as they reached Andromeda [which is interesting given my speculation about the Hyperion’s cryo bay. And what about the missing arks?]; and Kandros linked the first murder to the start of the uprising.

Several of them mentioned Sloane Kelly, former head of security, who changed sides to join the mutineers. There was a suggestion that she felt leadership weren’t listening to the workers. Liam’s intel was that most of the security team went with her [so everyone we’re likely to meet out there is lethal then]. Kandros was away when the mutiny happened. Esme accessed security logs showing messages between him and Tann which suggest Kandros previously got on well with Kelly, and might have some residual loyalty to her.

I think [I hope] we’re going to be unraveling this mutiny, and its causes, for a while yet.


Off the back of an abrupt headache, SAM had asked Esme to return to the Hyperion to confer with it.

Bonding time with SAM.
SAM mentioned that it’s still fine-tuning the neural link, but also wanted to talk confidentially. What Ryder Sr. wasn’t telling anyone was that he’d removed the A.I. blocks, giving SAM full access to his physiology. Basically, Esme is now SAM’s “window on the world”. Creepy. Part of this means that SAM can grant Esme access to ‘profiles’, which it turns out are the original classes from ME, with an extra jack-of-all-trades route, Explorer. Unlike in ME, you’re not tied to a single profile/class, but can unlock additional profiles. SAM also explained that there are gaps in its memory – blocks put in by Ryder Sr. to conceal his plans for Andromeda from Esme. SAM suggests that more experience in the Pathfinder role will help to unlock them.

En-route to visit Scott in the cryo bay, Esme stopped to chat with Lani, the pilot. Seems she and Dunn go way back (first-name terms no less), and that’s why she’s out here. Esme asked about her family, but it turns out they died. [On Mindoir.]

Crew Dossiers (CONFIDENTIAL):

So none of the original Pathfinder team will be joining us on the new ship, for a variety of reasons:


out of action with a broken leg.


thankful to be alive; but recused himself from the Pathfinder team after events on Habitat 7.


out of action while recovering from her wound.

Dr. Carlyle:

also recused himself from Pathfinder duty after Habitat 7, as he’s decided he’s too old to be in the field.

Checking in on Sleeping Beauty


still taking a nap. Dr. Carlyle explained that the impact happened just at the point of revival and they’re concerned there could be neural damage. Carlyle has promised not to lose another Ryder, but I guess Scott is staying on the Hyperion.

Priority Mission:

Check out our new ship, and meet the crew.