The Nexus

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.

I’ve split the next section into 2 posts because we spent a lot of time walking around the Nexus talking to people.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

The Nexus


Our heroes got off the tram at the Nexus to find it dark, and deserted. A nearby Avina terminal was unhelpful [some things never change], but did at least get the year right. A little exploration yielded a stunned construction worker – apparently everyone on the Nexus thought we were dead.

Nexus Authorities

A turian (Kandros) arrived at this point to escort them to the operations centre. On the way, he gave them the short version of events on the Nexus: impact with the same cloud (known here as the Scourge) that snared the Hyperion, supply shortages, rationing, mutiny, exiles [I wondered about the mention of Milky Way exiles in the omni-gel blurb], and a lot of people promoted to leadership positions they weren’t trained for.

I’m Pathfinder Ryder, and this is my favourite tree on the… too soon?
Once they reached Ops, Liam went off to check out Nexus security. Esme and Cora headed up to meet the bosses.

Meeting Tann (a Salarian), and Addison (human), was bracing. Addison in particular gave Esme a lot of attitude over the fact that Ryder Sr. is no longer with us, and made it clear that she doesn’t think Esme is up to the task of Pathfinder. Not only is the Nexus running on empty, but the other Arks are still missing. Both Tann and Addison are clearly disillusioned with the whole Andromeda experience. Kesh, (Krogan), intervened to support Esme, and Addison stormed off. Tann suggested he and Cora could discuss getting the Pathfinder a ship. Kesh also left, suggesting that Esme stop by for a chat before she leaves.

Meet and Greet

Left to her own devices, it was time for Esme to do a little meet and greet with the Nexus authorities.


Since Addison was such a delight, I figured we’d get her out of the way first. She immediately demanded more information about Ryder Sr.’s death – specifically about the Pathfinder role passing to Esme. We deflected her question. For someone who was apparently so friendly with ‘Alec’ she seems awfully snotty about dealing with his kids. Esme probed a bit, and it turns out she refused to call Ryder Sr. ‘Pathfinder’ because he hadn’t found anything yet. So she’s just insecure and taking it out on everyone else then.

I do not like that woman.
We did manage to get some information out of her: no viable colonies established; no way to deal with the kett, because they’re not merely antagonistic – they exterminate everyone; concerned about Kandros’ influence – believes he will defend them, but unhappy about the rise of military power. And she said outright that she doesn’t trust Esme. I ended the conversation wanting to shove her out of an airlock.


Tann is basically an overpromoted accountant. He’s anti-Krogan – most of the Krogan have left because he was unwilling to give them more political power after they helped to put down the mutiny. He does explain that Jien Garson and most of her leadership were killed in the first impact with the Scourge. Mostly due to their pods malfunctioning, but he suggests some pods were sabotaged. Tann doesn’t exude trust, but he’s willing to take a chance on the Pathfinder team. While they just don’t know where the other arks are, he does know that the Quarian ark (including other species like Drell and Hanar) had technical difficulties before setting out, so aren’t expected yet.


Kesh stayed behind when her clan left. She claims it’s better for both the station and her clan that she’s there [I now feel like I’m supposed to suspect she’s behind the sabotage on the Nexus]. She’s not a fan of Tann, and doesn’t seem to rate Addison very highly. I think she still has hope for the Initiative, and has stuck around to stop Tann from screwing it all up.


I’m inclined to trust Kandros because he’s a Turian, and because he gave Esme authority to send out his strike teams [apparently I’m easily swayed by Turians who give me troops]. He was one of the first people to come across the kett and shares that they sometimes take prisoners and experiment on them. Turns out his cousin Nyreen is a pirate on Omega [pause here to imagine the squeeing which followed that statement].

Interesting to note that Kesh and Kandros show more concern for their species’ arks than Tann.

Dr Hendrik & his team

Esme also spoke to some scientists who (Kandros excepted) were the only people who seemed happy to see us. They’d already accessed SAM’s data from Habitat 7, and Esme picked up missions from each of them.

To be continued….