The Tempest

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

The Tempest


It was time to check out our new ship. Esme and Cora took the tram down to the docking bay, where a crowd was gathering to watch the ship arrive. The Tempest really is shiny. We went down for a closer look.

Down in the loading zone we met Vetra, who was in a hurry to get the supplies onboard and get going.

Can you cook?
With good reason – as we headed onto the ship we were stopped by one of Addison’s people. Despite all her talk of things being desperate, Addison wanted us to idle in the dock while clipboard man carried out a full inventory. Vetra stepped in, suggesting that she could get the guy’s son bumped to the top of the queue for revival if we just said we’d done the inspection. It worked. Cora was impressed to meet someone who’s interested in getting stuff done, instead of just talking about it.

Vetra gave Esme a short tour of the ship. On the way in we saw Lexi [so glad we get to spend more time with her], and Vetra introduced us to Gil (the engineer), and Suvi (the science officer). Vetra left Esme in the very fancy meeting room, suggesting that she head up to meet the pilot when she was ready, and that she had yet to see how impressive the Tempest really is. 

Geeking out about the tech.
On the way up to the bridge, Esme found Liam geeking out over the R&D console. You can access the strike team console from here too, so we checked in with Juliet. She had completed her mission, and levelled up – we sent her out again to collect some data from a dead drop.

Our pilot, Kallo Jeth, was waiting on the bridge. He has that nervous energy typical of Salarians. He was particularly excited to see Esme because he helped build the Tempest, and is itching to see what she can do in Andromeda. 

I can move things with my mind?!
The Tempest was built with the Pathfinder, and SAM, in mind – if I’ve understood correctly, the Tempest only reaches its full potential when SAM is assisting with navigation. 

We were ready to leave. After a brief speech for posterity: the Pathfinders are the best hope for everyone waiting on the Nexus, Esme set a course for Eos, and we were off.

On arrival we scanned the planet. SAM freaked Suvi out by fine-tuning things, but it paid off, because he caught an alien signal that had previously gone unnoticed. 

I decided we should have a proper nosy around the ship before travelling planetside, and properly meet the crew. 

As Esme left the bridge, Lexi called her to the Med Bay, so we started our exploration down there. Crew quarters has an electronic notice board for announcements, which promises to be fun. Does feel a bit like I’m snooping on them though.  

High potential for misuse.

Vetra has set up an office of sorts in the armoury, while Liam has claimed the storage area, and requisitioned a sofa for himself. As you do. 

SAM has a node in the Pathfinder’s very swanky bedroom [which is way too big – especially given the crew quarters can’t possibly fit all the crew]. There’s also a terminal for special deliveries (where I picked up the helmet acquired through Initiative training), and another for emails. Esme already had 4. Three of them from crew members she’d just spoken too [that’s just clingy, guys]. The other was from an Asari vidmaker back on the Nexus who’s hoping for help with a project. We acknowledged that one so we can pick it up when we get back there.

Final stop was the bridge again, where there’s another email terminal, and a chance to chat a little more with Suvi and Kallo. That done, it was time to head down to Eos.

Crew Dossiers (CONFIDENTIAL):


Lexi has taken Dr. Carlyle’s place with the team.

“You’re not Harry!”
She’s a bit overwhelmed by the pace of change, but excited because her specialty is alien anatomy (her thesis was on Krogan mating – she emailed Esme the link. All 500 pages). She suggests it may be worth getting their hands on a kett, so that she can study them.


Vetra took the time to explain why she’s on the Tempest. She knows everyone, and has access to a lot of back channels – she can get stuff done. She’s also good in a fight. Vetra’s clearly frustrated by how little they’ve achieved in Andromeda so far, but her follow-up email indicated that she’s ready to follow orders. She also has a little sister, Sid, back on the Nexus.


Liam suggested it was time to grab that beer, and filled Esme in on his career so far.

It’s a strategy meeting. Honest!
He admitted that there was nothing really pushing him to leave the Milky Way. Seems he’s here for the adventure. He’s got a positive outlook, and an approach that suggests he’s quite grounded. And, judging by the list of films he emailed Esme, a bizarre obsession with Turian historical dramas.


A quick chat with SAM established that he was technically onboard the Hyperion, but a quantum entanglement communicator allows him to stay in constant contact with Esme and the team.

I spy potential for a model ship collection.
They briefly discussed his understanding of humour – it seems he has a way to go.


Suvi came across as keen, and also more of a generalist than the scientists back on the Nexus. She’s reporting back to them, which seems useful, but also a possible source of tension. Suvi was alarmed by Esme’s suggestion that she put in some field time though.


Kallo elaborated a little on his part in building the Tempest. He was the test pilot, but the team as a whole were pleased that one of them got to go with the ship. He was worried that, with Ryder Sr. dead, the Tempest might never come out of mothballs. The topic of his eidetic memory led to a discussion on the whereabouts of the Salarian ark. He was much more open about missing his own species than other Milky Way aliens have been. Oh, and he’s not a fan of Tann.

It was only when I reached Eos that I realised I’d missed out Cora and Gil on my tour of the ship. Oops!

Priority Mission:

Investigate the signal on Eos.