Back on Solid Ground

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Eos: Alien Signal


I decided to take Liam and Cora on Esme’s first mission as Pathfinder, since I didn’t have much time with them as a team on Habitat-7. Vetra is listed as a ground team option, and there are 3 locked spots. From the pre-release marketing I know we’ve got an Asari (Peebee), and a Krogan (Drack), still to come, but I’m not sure who gets the final spot [I’d love for it to be Scott Ryder, but that seems unlikely].

After all those hours of Mako drops, Kodiak shuttles, and the horrors of the Hammerhead, in the ME trilogy, there was something breath-taking about seeing the Tempest touch down on Eos, and the team stride out through the cargo bay doors.

Big damn heroes
A bit like being in Firefly, but with a nicer ship [no disrespect intended, Cap’n Reynolds].

Though ostensibly abandoned, there were signs that people had been at the Eos landing site recently. The priority was to get the power back on, however, and start tracking that alien signal.

This required a bit of running back and forth: locating a key code to open the main office, and then checking on the power relay. The planet is heavily irradiated so the landing site is protected by a shield. A scan of the shield rods showed that they wear out fast. All the more reason to figure out a way to fix the planet’s climate.

At the power relay we discovered some people still on site, who had cut the power because the kett were snooping around. Clancy wasn’t too impressed with the inspirational rhetoric, but the word ‘Pathfinder’ at least convinced him to let us get the power back on. According to SAM, Clancy is supposedly stationed in the Nexus hangar; salvaging must be more profitable. 

Getting the power back required a manual restart of the pylons, attracting a small group of kett, who we quickly dispatched. Suitably impressed, Clancy left us to it, but not before giving us a tip about a ground vehicle left onsite, and trading a little salvage.

With the power back on the team could investigate the rest of the buildings. We took the time to access various terminals and datapads left by the would-be colonists. The picture is of everyone putting on a brace face, while privately feeling that the Eos colony was going to fail. Seems weather conditions here are destructive of both equipment and morale.

The research lab was intact, and there were signs that someone else has been tracking the alien signal too [I’m betting it’s Peebee]. The signal’s coming from a structure beyond the shield wall, so SAM urged Esme to prioritise finding the vehicle Clancy mentioned. SAM also noted that the structure is similar to the one on Habitat-7, and could fix the weather problems. Esme reminded it of what else the structure did on Habitat-7, and they all agreed caution was best.

Scanning the nearest container revealed what I’ve been waiting for – the Nomad. Liam breathlessly reeled off the stats, and confessed he was drooling a little. [Me too, mate, me too.]

Because nothing is ever simple [and we’re still technically in tutorial mode], releasing the Nomad meant calling down a forward station. Looks like these will be pretty handy – a place to resupply and change the team’s loadout. I presume there’s a limited number of them in game, so they’ll need to be carefully placed.

It was time to free the Nomad. Esme opened the container, and it raced out like an eager puppy, screeching to a halt to adopt a photogenic pose [of course I obliged 🙂 ]. 

Well, hello there!

Priority Mission:

Take the Nomad for a spin.