Have Wheels Will Travel

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Eos: Alien Signal


Esme took a quick look around the landing site before trying out the Nomad, and noticed some tendrils of Scourge-type energy which looked like they were growing out of the ground. Scanning confirmed that this was definitely the same energy, and SAM suggested they were best avoided. I’m curious as to whether solving the atmospheric problem will fix this, or whether there’s another layer to ‘fixing’ the planet that requires us to figure out the Scourge.

So, the Nomad kind of sucks at first. It’s over sensitive to changes of direction and slides all over the place. Some of the new stuff (like changing between regular and all-terrain mode) is overkill [if I wanted to play a driving sim I would – in ME games I want to look at alien worlds, and listen to my crew banter], and I’m going to be pissed if I can’t arm it at some point. That said, while I never had the kind of issues other gamers have reported with the Mako, I suspect my memories of my first time out in it are hazy. I have played Mass Effect a lot, and no doubt I’ll get to grips with the Nomad too. 

The route to the first alien site (the monoliths mentioned in one of the colony datapads) was direct – it’s just up the hill from the landing site. We needed a glyph in order to use the interface, and the colonists had helpfully left some scaffolding right beneath it.

I can see my future house from here.
Back at the console, SAM suggested that more power was required. Before Esme could could do anything about that, she was tackled to the ground by an Asari, who insisted that they needed to wait for the glyphs to finish cycling. She had guessed who Esme was based on the Tempest (apparently a lot of people had started wondering if Pathfinders are real), and with some prompting introduced herself as Peebee.

Meet Peebee.
Before she could go into further detail about what she’s been doing out here, robots (like the one in the lab on Habitat-7) attacked them. Peebee, who’s a pretty good shot, calls them Remnants.

After hearing about Habitat-7, Peebee agreed that the monoliths may solve some of the planet’s problems. She stayed to try to figure out the interface, while Esme and the team went to the next site.

The next monolith was further out, and the team got some bonding time in the Nomad. Liam’s suggestions for how Cora could tint her armour were interrupted by the need to deal with a few kett; Esme also scanned some wildlife for Dr Henrik.

Remnant robots were already active at the next site. At this point we did some more dying, because the Observers have lasers, and the ammo and med-packs were across the site behind the robots. About 3 deaths in, I realised that, since they don’t attack unless you get too close, it’s possible to sneak round the flank and start the fight closer to the ammo dump. Then it turned out Breachers can pick you up, and start trying to, well, breach you….

Once we’d reduced the Remnants to… remnants [sorry], Esme had a look at the central interface. This one had a code to break, and we were 2 glyphs short. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure out that I should use the other interfaces to raise platforms, which then let me get high enough to scan the glyphs. We did find the bodies of some former colonists while stumbling around though. Esme called the Tempest, asking Lexi to log them as deceased, and request a shuttle to retrieve the bodies. Kallo commented that they’d known some of the colonists had died, but not that they had been left.

Once we’d solved the alien sudoku, Peebee contacted us, excited by developments at the second site. After babbling about the monoliths communicating via QEC, she urged us to press on to the next one.

The kett attacked as we tried to leave. I find I now have Esme checking their remains with a hopeful eye toward a corpse for Lexi to study. Alas, just weapon mods on this occasion.

On the way to the next monolith we saw a Remnant site with more Scourge tendrils coming out of it. It probably needs investigated, but the Remnants didn’t register as hostile so I chose to keep going. I had less than 5 hours left of my trial after all.

The next monolith was crawling with kett who have set up some kind of lab (Peebee claims it used to be her best site before they chased her away). This monolith is less accessible, with areas of higher radiation around the base of the hill it’s on. The team cleared the kett from the initial approach, and deactivated the generators, but the doors to the base itself are still shielded. Guess tomorrow we need to go back down the hill and try to find a way round to the other kett and generators.

Priority Mission:

Kick the kett out and activate the final monolith.